Lidl Are Selling An American-Style Food Range That Includes Marshmallow Cereal And Giant Cookie Dough Pies

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 27.06.19

Lidl’s new food range is straight out of America and it looks… unhealthy.

I’m going to put my stake in the ground here; American food (or at least their snacks) is not nice. It’s sugary, fatty, salty and though all of those factors can be nice in moderation, moderation never seems to apply with these particular foods.

Obviously I’m not saying that there’s no good American food – that would be a very big claim to make – but I am saying that stuff we get here and are expected to pay frankly outrageous amounts of money for is akin to, say, dipping plastic caramel, butter and then salt.

It’s egregious what some people pay for a Hershey bar which isn’t even half as nice as Cadbury’s, but Lidl are here to offset the price you pay for that kind of thing, if that’s your bag, with their new American-inspired range.

There’s a lot to choose from and it’s all pretty reasonably priced.

So what can you get? Well…

Their equivalent to Lucky Charms, Malt-O-Meal marshmallow mateys breakfast cereal will set you back £1.99.

lidl american cereal

With that name and logo, I’m not convinced Lidl didn’t get Lucky Charms confused with Cap’n Crunch. Meanwhile, super-sized peanut flips cost £2.29 and American-style pancakes are £1.39.

There’s more.

£2.49 will get you to snack box, which contains mozzarella sticks, chilli cheese nuggets, and onion rings while 99p is enough to purchase crunchy coated peanuts flavoured with either sour cream, BBQ or hamburger.

lidl american snack box

For desert (though I think you should forego that course if you’re eating all of this) there’s the family-sized brownie that comes in hazelnut or double chocolate for £1.69, or a double chocolate cookie dough pie for £2.49.

lidl american cookie dough pie

This food range is only available while stocks last, so you might want to get your fill while you can.

Also, you can only get this stuff in store and not online.

Images via Lidl, Getty