We live in a world where you can buy Duff beer and I finally feel at home.

If like me, you’re someone that needs to work a Simpsons reference into every conversation if and when possible – and even when not possible, you still do it – then you’ll be delighted to know that you can now buy Duff at Lidl.

Not to be confused with Düff, of course, Duff is the beer that Homer Simpson famously adores and is seemingly the only beer available in Springfield, other than maybe Red Tick beer.

red tick beer


I like Red Tick beer, but it definitely needs more dog.

But like I say, you can now get your own cans of Duff, thanks to the wonderful German supermarket that exists within our British borders, Lidl.

For £1.25-per-500ml can of Duff, you can expect aromas of malt, cereals, caramel, straw and herbaceous notes. Sure, it sounds nice, but I’m sure if you inspect a can of Carling, it won’t say “notes of pissy bathwater stirred with a chopstick that was once dropped in a pint of Fosters”.


Brands seldom tell the truth.

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Duff 'I can't get enough of that wonderful Duff' Gotta love the weird variety of Lidl beer. This actually isn't too bad

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The description goes on to say:

Brewed in Germany by the brewery Eschwege monastery, this Legendary Duff Beer is a Pilsner topped with a white head.


Don’t most lagers get a white head depending on how you pour them? Seems to me that someone needed to fill the ol’ word count for the product description.

buy duff beer


The reviews are middling, with pretty much no-one saying it’s delicious, instead opting for the “it’s not too bad” with a hint of surprise vibe. Meanwhile, there are a few people on Twitter who describe it as a little “pissy”.

I’ll probably still try some though.

I’m just happy it’s not brewed in America, just being a repacked Bud Light.

That would be awful.

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