Lidl is releasing a new dog bed that will shield your lovely pet from the sun during the upcoming heatwave.

I say upcoming; for the most part we’re in the thick of it right now. As is the way with the UK, a heatwave last the best part of half a week and allegedly it’s going to be 31 degrees at some point.

With that, if you were covered in fur absolutely everywhere, you’d be pretty bloody hot in that sun. That’s the very reason why Lidl are now the purveyors or a bed that keeps your dog in the shade.

Lidl will be selling the bed from the 25th of June, which the mathematicians amongst you will know is tomorrow. Once that day comes, you’ll be able to purchase your very own dog bed for the somewhat reasonable price of £19.99.

lidl dog bed

The design of the bed allows for your dog to be shielded from the sun to up to UV50, while the raised platform allows for cooling ventilation and extra comfort. I must admit, the dog in the pictures looks pretty chill.

Meanwhile, Lidl will also be selling a pool specifically for your dog and that will set you back all of £29.99. Dogs love a jump in the water as we all well know, so this seems like another perfect way to keep your pet cool this summer, presuming the summer extends past Thursday here in England.


Zoofari Dog Pool - at Lidl UK -

The bottom of the pool has a non-slip surface, while the pool itself doesn’t need inflating, meaning it won’t be pierced by those pesky claws that dogs love to dig into your chest when they jump up at you.

Furthermore, despite it not being an inflatable, it still folds down to basically nothing so you don’t need to have some ungainly dog pool lying around the house when it’s not in use.

You know what do to if you’ve hot a toasty dog.

Images via Lidl