Lidl Are Set To Introduce A ‘Home Delivery Service’ Very Soon

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 10.10.19

Lidl are soon introducing a home-delivery service that will see their foods and products delivered straight to your door.

Almost every other day one of Lidl or Aldi release a new product so noteworthy that it deserves its own article and almost every other day I write said article.

I always end the articles the same way as well; saying how I’m going to rush to whichever shop it is – Aldi or Lidl – and buy the product in vast quantities.


I never do.

There’s neither a Lidl or an Aldi near enough to me to make it worth not going to the Sainsbury’s or the Waitrose, so I end up just admiring the products from afar.

That was until now, it seems, as Lidl are planning to roll out a delivery service…

Do Lidl deliver shopping to my home?


Though in the UK the German supermarket’s website only provides details on what kind of products they offer and not the option to buy them, they are now looking for someone to change all of that.

That’s where the Lidl home delivery bit comes in.

lidl online shop home delivery

Lidl are currently recruiting for a “digital project manager,” who would be working with the Digital Director and the Head of Ecommerce, which can only mean one thing…

Lidl are planning to roll out an online shopping functionality to their website and if you’re to put all of your eggs into one business acumen basket, you’d think that they’d want that running in time for families stocking up for Christmas.


As a little more background on the role – in case on the off-chance you’re interested – it’s in Wimbledon, and will see you “identify new business opportunities to drive revenue” as well as “contribute not only to individual projects but also to the ongoing formation and success of other functional areas“.

order online lidl home delivery

You will be instrumental in helping to deliver a new online platform with the aim of acquiring new customers and driving online sales.


Lidl told Mirror Money:

We have a digital department already established within the business and, of course, online is something we’re looking at. We will provide further information if and when we have any developments to announce.”

Exciting times. I only recently learned that Lidl have a fantastic range or German beers, so it would be lovely to stock my home up with some of them without having to drive the grand total of, say, seven miles.

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