Lidl Is Selling A Giant Cushion Slipper To Warm Up Cold Feet This Winter

Olivia MulliganOlivia Mulligan in News, UK
Published 08.10.19

Lidl Is Selling A Giant Cushion Slipper To Warm Up Cold Feet This Winter

Cold feet. It’s a real problem that a lot of us face. Not the metaphorical kind referring to fear or the desire to run though…so anyone suffering cold feet before their wedding? Well…this probably won’t help you.

For those suffering from actual cold feet, you’re in luck! Lidl are selling a fantastic new product which will fix all your cold-footed problems; The Meradiso foot warmer.


Looking at it, it’s quite surprising we didn’t think of something like this before.

What do we constantly turn to for comfort- both physical and emotional? Cushions.

What’s an essential part of your morning/evening loungewear? Slippers.


Now whoever thought to combine the two was a genius, and this product is putting our regular old slippers to shame.

lidl cushion slipper

The cushion-slipper features a silky soft, fluffy material made from faux fur- and anything faux fur is definitely applaudable. The slipper part of the cushion comes in the form of two handy pockets, so your feet can burrow down for warmth like a hedgehog in hibernation.

The foot warming cushion is made to fit adult shoe sizes 4-11, and you can get it in black, brown or nude- so it can even match your home décor!


And that’s not all- at just £4.99 each according to the Lidl website it’s a clear bargain! This is something you’ll definitely want to get your hands on (or feet in) while stocks last.

lidl cushion slipper

“Essentially a giant two footed slipper, Lidl’s Foot Warmer Cushion is a luxuriously plush cushion that’s soft faux fur on the outside with cosy sock inserts that burrow into the cushion’s warmth,Lidl explained.

Perfect for toasting tootsies whilst curling up on the sofa, protecting from aggressive air conditioning under a desk at work or providing some extra warmth in bed, the pillow comes in nude, brown or black to coordinate with any room décor.”

I can already picture myself sitting on the sofa in my pjs (probably watching The Great British Bakeoff as it’s the only thing worth watching on TV) with one of these cosy foot warmers!


You can even use it as a normal cushion on your sofa when not warming your feet- just flip it over to the other side!

The cosy cushion-slipper hybrid will soon be available, as it’s set to hit Lidl stores on September 22.

We usually go to Aldi for food shopping in my house, I’ll admit, but I think I’ll be making a trip to the rival store Lidl very soon…

Images Via Lidl Website