Lidl have rereleased their huge packs of churros and people are obviously incredibly excited.

They’re just doughnuts with an attitude, churros, aren’t they. Doughnuts with that Mediterranean arrogance that you see from certain “European” characters in American sitcoms.

Never had one, myself, though this is how it went down when Josh told me to write this up…


Normal chat.

I might get into churros now though, since Lidl are now selling huge bags of the things for £1.19.

Before now, the only way to get a churro was go to Camden and into a stall or a shop called something ridiculous like “Churrall I need” (best I could think of at short notice), and remortgage your house so you could have a jumped up doughnut.


Not any more.

lidl churros

The churros come precooked, meaning you only need to heat them up for a total of 15 minutes, before serving them with the suggested melted chocolate, toffee sauce or hazelnut spread.

These churros come part of Lidl’s new Spanish-inspired range, which is perfect for the summer, albeit fairly late in the season to be released.


Along with the sweet treats, you’ll be able to treat yourself to just over 1kg of air-dried ham – that comes with a knife and chopping board – for a very reasonable £14.99.

lidl spanish food

Furthermore, cheese platters and meat boards haphazardly branded as “tapas” are available for £1.99, which seems almost too cheap, with 500g of battered squid rings for £1.99, 600g of Patatas Bravas for 99p and £1.29 Salsa Brava.


That’s not it though, since Spanish omelettes – something the Spanish just call omelettes – are available for £1.99 each, and come in three variants; bacon, onion, red and green peppers, Spinach or Chorizo.

This does all sounds lovely, and they will be available in Lidl stores and online from the 8th of August while stocks last.

Images via Lidl, Getty