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Lindsay Lohan Gets Back In Her Mean Girls Santa Outfit To Make A 'Dirty Soda'


Lindsay Lohan gets back in her Mean Girls Santa outfit to make a 'dirty soda'. The newest famous person to drink dirty soda is Lindsay Lohan.

The "Falling for Christmas" actor is embracing the season with Pepsi as she appears in a brand-new, cheery advertisement titled "Pilk and Cookies." Lindsay Lohan gets back in her Mean Girls Santa outfit to make a 'dirty soda'.

The dirty soda drink, which stands for Pepsi and milk, is a variation of filthy soda, a TikTok favorite that combines soda with milk or cream.

In the commercial, Lohan, wearing red flannel pajamas and a Santa hat, tiptoes down the stairs of a pleasant house and is surprised by Santa Claus. Santa had placed a glass of Pepsi and milk next to a platter of cookies as she sat on the couch.

She takes a sip and remarks, "That is one dirty soda, Santa."

In a YouTube short for the same promotion, Lohan dons a Santa outfit and cap that are based on her legendary "Jingle Bell Rock" performance from Mean Girls.

She says "good" as she adds Pepsi to her homemade dirty drink and "naughty" as she adds milk. At the end of the video, she exclaims enthusiastically, "Pepsi with Milk - Pilk!"

In a press statement, Lohan commented:

Partnering with Pepsi to announce Pilk and Cookies has been an incredible experience. As someone who loves the holiday season and embracing new traditions, I was thrilled to have a little bit of fun with Pepsi and their take on the dirty soda. For people learning about Pilk for the first time, I won't lie to you when I say I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of this pairing, but after my first sip I was amazed at how delicious it was, so I'm very excited for the rest of the world to try it.- Lindsay Lohan

With the #PilkandCookies Holiday Challenge, which runs from December 1 to Christmas Day, Pepsi asks followers to "join the naughty list" for a chance to win one of 25 cash prizes.

Social media users must follow Pepsi on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram in order to enter the contest. They may also join in the fun by posting a picture or video of their Pilk & Cookies.

For Netflix's "Falling for Christmas," Lindsay Lohan pitched a "Brilliant" "Mean Girls" nod. On social media, Olivia Rodrigo contributed to the growth of filthy soda. The pop sensation shared an Instagram picture of herself in December with a cup from Swig, a soda business known for its dirty drinks.


As part of Pepsi's holiday advertising campaign, Lindsay Lohan gets back in her Mean Girls Santa outfit to make a 'dirty soda'. The product, a blend of Pepsi and milk, was given the company's hashtag #Pilk.

The Mean Girls actress made many appearances in advertisements for the soda maker, in which she tasted the beverage.

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