Line Of Duty Season Six: 2020 Release Date, Plot And Cast Details

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Published 08.10.19

Line Of Duty Season Six: 2020 Release Date, Plot And Cast Details

Here’s everything you need to know about the hit BBC drama

Enjoy watching bent coppers? We know you do; and the BBC knows too. That’s why Line of Duty is returning for a sixth season – and it could be coming as early as next year. That’s right, although season 5 only wrapped-up in May, showrunner Jed Mercurio has just announced to Radio Times that he’s planning on bringing Line of Duty back to our screens in 2020.

Asked when production might begin, he said: “That’s something that we have at the planning stage, so we are working towards a date. We can’t confirm everything until things are in place.”

Line of Duty Season Six
Line of Duty from BBC

Who Will Return for Line of Duty Season Six?

Superintendent Ted Hastings (played by Adrian Dunbar), Detective Inspector Kate Flemings (played by Vicky McClure) and Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) will all star in the sixth season. Other than the ‘Holy Trinity’, we’re still unsure about who else will make a return.

We’re still holding onto hope for a DCI Roz Huntley comeback (because, no one is quite as enigmatic as Thandie Newton).

Who will Kelly McDonald play in Line of Duty?

On the 19th November 2019, BBC confirmed that Kelly McDonald (Trainspotting, Nanny McPhee, Brave and Boardwalk Empire actress) would star as the guest lead for Line of Duty Series 6. She will play Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson, a senior investigating officer of an unsolved murder.

“We’re honoured that Kelly Macdonald will join Martin, Vicky and Adrian in series six of Line Of Duty. DCI Joanne Davidson will prove the most enigmatic adversary AC-12 have ever faced.” – Jed Mercurio in conversation with The Sun 

When is the Line of Duty Season Six Release Date?

Routinely, BBC One airs Line of Duty in Spring. However, with the news that a sixth season is set to return just one year after its previous season, we predict that season six will be released in Q4 of 2020.

Where can you watch Line of Duty?

If you’re really desperate for a fix of police force corruption (or should we say, a line of duty), you can re-watch the first four seasons on Netflix. Right now if you want to.

Line of Duty S6
Line of Duty from BBC

What is the plot for Line of Duty Season Six?

As usual, Mercurio’s season six script is shrouded in secrecy. However, we can expect that the new episodes will explore Kelly McDonald’s Joanne Davidson’s unconventional conduct which is raising suspicions and also resolve the unanswered mysteries of season five. Such as…

Who is the final ‘H’ in Line of Duty?

Three down, one to go. We discovered during the events of Season Five’s six episodes that the criminal mastermind ‘H’. This plot thread that led to many of us scouring the internet for theories and answers – is actually four individuals.

So far, we know that Dot Cottan (no, not the East-end smokeaholic), Gill Biggeloe and Chief Superintendent Derek Hilton make up three of the four, but the remaining ‘H’ is yet to be confirmed. Thandie, could it be you?

I guess we’ll find out next year on BBC One

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