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List Of The Pathfinder Traits - Types Of Basic Traits


Character qualities are skills that are independent of a person's race or social position and they improve the talents, race, class, or other statistics of your character. Typically, these traits are meant to provide background information for your character. Below is a guide list of the Pathfinder traits.

Trait Categories

There are five different categories of character qualities available in this list of the Pathfinder traits:

Basic - Basic Four groups of fundamental characteristics are distinguished: social, magic, combat, and faith:

  • Combative characteristics emphasize the martial and physical elements of your character's past.
  • His theological and philosophical views are highlighted by his qualities of faith.
  • His magical skills are based on any magical training or experiences he may have had before.
  • And social traits are concerned with your character's social standing or upbringing.

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Campaign - Campaign Game qualities are designed primarily to draw new characters into a campaign right away. Campaign characteristics designed for a certain Pathfinder The Player's Guide for an Adventure Path is always available online.

Race - In order to choose a race trait, your character must be a member of one of the specified races or ethnicities. Even if your race or ethnicity changes in the future (maybe because of polymorph magic or a reincarnation spell), the benefits of your race trait will still be there. You will only lose the benefits of a race trait if your mind and memories also change.

Regional - Whether a region is huge (such as a country or geographic region) or small, regional characteristics are peculiar to that region (such as a city or a specific mountain).

Your PC needs to have lived in the region for at least a year before choosing a regional attribute.

Despite the number of areas you might want to include in your character's background, you can only choose one regional attribute at the first level (usually the one associated with your character's place of birth or country).

Religion - You don't have to be a member of a class that can use divine magic to choose a religious trait, but you do need to have a patron deity and some religious history in order to explain this feature.

Religion characteristics show that your character has a strong belief in a particular deity. As explained below under Restrictions on Trait Selection, if you change your religion, religious traits can go away, but traits from other categories can't.

Pathfinder Best Race Traits

  • Light Halo (Aasimar).
  • Undead Resistance (Dhampir).
  • Negative Energy Affinity (Dhampir).
  • Intimidating (Half-orc).
  • Orc Ferocity (Half-orc).
  • Keen Senses (Gnome, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half-Elf, Kitsune, Oread).
  • Skilled (Human).

People Also Ask

What Are Pathfinder Traits?

Character qualities are skills that are independent of a person's race or social position. They can improve your abilities, whether they come from your race, your class, or other characteristics, giving you more customizing options.

What Are Good Traits Pathfinder?

  • General (Useful for pretty much everybody) (Useful for pretty much anyone).
  • Melee.
  • Ranged (Archers, Gunslingers, etc) (Archers, Gunslingers, etc).
  • Casters.
  • Associated Classes (Anyone with a companion, or going to get leadership, etc).

How Many Traits Do You Get Pathfinder?

There are 40 fundamental traits in total, evenly distributed among the four subcategories of Combat, Faith, Magic, and Social.


Above is a list of the Pathfinder traits. It covers the basic types but not the subcategories. There are four categories for Basic Traits. Combative characteristics emphasize your background's physical and martial elements.

Your philosophical and religious views are reflected in your faith attributes. Magical abilities are based on whatever training or magical experiences you have had. Your social status or background is emphasized by your social qualities.

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