Little Girl Throws Tantrum So Her Dad Hilariously Carries Her Home Like A Duffel Bag

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Don’t tell the editor but the other day I was supposed to be working – writing an article, presumably – and I so couldn’t be bothered that I just sat there, staring into space forĀ probably 30 minutes.

It was great. I got to not think, not write and just let whatever I was listening to consume me to the point where it was just white noise but, like, I got it, you know?

That’s my form of rebelling these days. Generally I get the feeling that my bosses like me and tend to cater to my whims so long as the work gets done and my parents just ignore me; no, if I want to rebel, I have to do absolutely nothing.

And that’s exactly what little two-year-oldĀ Juliette did the other day, when her dad was unpacking the car and she was waiting to be taken back indoors.

Instead of waiting patiently, she did what any good kid would do and just laid on the driveway until her dad picked her up like a duffel bag and carried her into the house…

Funny, right? Wrong. Look at the state of the YouTube comments…

YouTube is a weird place. It’s just a cute kid…

Juliette’s mum recorded the video and wrote that her daughter:

often does stuff like this, and this just how we love her.

Good fun had by all. Dirty coat though.

Images via ViralHog, YouTube