If you fancy going for a coffee in East London, maybe give this one a miss.

A coffee shop is being accused of fatphobia and racism on social media.

It happened after Twitter and Instagram users noticed some signs they had put outside the shop.

They put a sign on a bench, that says “sorry no fatties”.


Meanwhile, a sandwich board outside the premises in January said ‘this is the longest that something made in China has ever lasted’ – believed to be a reference to Covid-19.

The shop is in Bethnal Green, and the name says it all, really.

Called F**koffee, the cafe has now received a number of complaints because of the signs and other social media posts.

Many Instagram and Twitter users have been commenting on their photos saying they are offensive and discriminatory.

The shop has defended their signs and posts as ‘jokes’, but they later backtracked and said they could be seen as ‘offensive’ and apologised.


Luisa-Christie tweeted a picture of the sign, and wrote wrote: “Hi @F**koffee_HQ wtf is this? Just got sent this by a friend & before you defend as ‘dark humour’ it’s not – it’s fatphobia.

“If the bench isn’t strong to be sat on then don’t put it outside your coffee shop, or alternatively make it strong so anyone/multiple people can sit…”

There were other offensive posts shared on their social media too that were racist.

Elsewhere, Chanté Joseph posted on Instagram, calling the cafe a ‘rotting pile of bricks’.

She said: “F**koffee is an aged coffee shop in Bethnal Green that thinks fatphobia, racism and rape jokes are a unique form of humor [sic].

“If you live in that area I suggest you find somewhere else to buy your coffee.”

“Freedom Of Expression”

Meanwhile, the F**koffee website claims that the business supports freedom of expression.

They also point out that they support communities in West Papua through their supply chain.

Following the backlash, the owner shared an apology on social media.

It reads: “I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any racially insensitive imagery that has been posted on behalf of F*ckoffee. I take full responsibility.

“As a black person, I saw this as satirical and mocking the stereotypes with which society stigmatises us.

“My perspective is not yours, and you should not be forced to view it.”

“I will stress that our humour may cut close to others’ sensitivities, but at no point does it emanate malicious intent.”

“We Are Not Racist”

However, another post that was later deleted said: “We are not racist. We are not sexist.

“You guys have spoken and we listened. But it really is down to choice. F*ckoffee never seeks to exclude and encourages freedom to express.

“This account has adult content and humour and we make ‘jokes’ because the world can be a harsh place to live in and so we mock ourselves.”

So what do you think?

Image via Alamy