A lone Black Lives Matter protester was beaten and assaulted as she passed a racist biker rally in Bethel, Ohio.

Whether it’s a “White Lives Matter” protest like what we saw at Burnley yesterday or an “All Lives Matter” march like what is happening all over the world, there’s a scary amount of people – many of whom are racist – who are totally missing the point as they campaign for literally no changes.

This was highlighted when a 19-year-old woman decided to pass by what she called an “All Lives Matter redneck biker protest” while carrying a BLM sign to see what would happen. It didn’t end well for her, as she had her sign taken away from her and was physically assaulted.

Footage taken on the 14th of June shows Ryley in the aftermath of the assault as she walks off holding the side of her face, once the Bethel, Ohio, protesters had made their stance on BLM evidently clear.

Taking to Twitter before the incident, she wrote:

‘All lives matter’ redneck biker protest is going on in bethel and I’m about to take my little ass up there by myself with my black lives matter sign. Let’s see how this goes“.

Some time later, she then updated her followers as to how her endeavour went, writing:

Update: I got my sign ripped out of my hand, thrown against a wall and punched in the head for walking across a cross walk while a bethel police officer watched and tried to act like he gave a f**k when I was screaming at him“.

Ryley wasn’t exaggerating there; this really did happen in front of a few police officers who did nothing to stop the assault, but rather ushered her away once it had taken place to seemingly avoid a scene.

Another video surfaced of a peaceful Black Lives Matter protester in the midst of an All Lives Matter rally, showing his solidarity for the right movement, before being punched in the back of the head by a biker, while police did nothing to stop it, nor punish the culprit.

Any protest in this vein is utterly despicable and is 100% to be discouraged at the very least.

Grown men assaulting teenage girls is cowardly and pathetic, and somehow even worse when it’s done in the name of racial inequality.

Images via Twitter, Instagram