Equal parts heartbreaking and adorable, Pierre the penguin has been curing his loneliness while in isolation by binge-watching Pingu. Quick, someone tell Pixar to make a film about him.

Pierre is an endangered Northern Rockhopper penguin, and he was found after he washed up on a beach in Western Australia. It was discovered that Pierre has feather moulting issues that mean he isn’t waterproof, so can’t yet be returned to the wild.

Perth Zoo

While he recovers, poorly Pierre is in isolation, and staff at Perth Zoo realised he was lonely, as he isn’t allowed near other penguins for now. They decided to cheer him up by showing him episodes of Pingu on an iPad.

Pierre also likes to watch webcams of penguins from other zoos around the world, including Kansas City Zoo and Edinburgh Zoo but apparently has a soft spot for Pingu.

Perth Zoo

You can’t go wrong with some trashy telly when you feel under the weather.

Get well soon, Pierre!