You’d think that excellent personal hygiene would be the number one requirement for a successful first date, but that might not be the case for armpit sniffing speed dating.

Sadly it’s not something you should really indulge in right now what with lockdown 2.0 and social distancing, but it could be something you put into your diary for 2021 if your love life is still leaving a lot to be desired.

Daters showcased the technique at an event called Romancing The Armpit. Held at the Architecture Bar in London, would-be daters donned an attractive paper bag so that the only thing swaying the attraction was the sweet (or not so sweet) scent of their potential date’s armpits.

Organisers hoped for a whole host of armpit preferences, from the great unwashed to those who plait or bedazzled their underarm hair. There truly is someone for everyone.

The participants had an option of sniffing through a cup, which is apparently how “the professionals do it.”

One dater said “some of them smell so strong, that you want to smell it again but I also don’t want to be anywhere near this as you kind of get repelled by it… that’s kind of quite hot.”

Everyone was required to give the other a smell rating out of ten.

The results were mixed, with one participant saying there was only one other person that she liked the smell of, but without the paper bag, she didn’t find him attractive. Savage.

It’s based on the science that we’re often attracted to the ‘natural musk’ of another person, because the scent chemicals and hormones are compatible with our own.

Apparently we tend to prefer people who smell very different to us.

We’ve never been more grateful for social distancing.

Images via Alamy