Love Is Blind Season 2 “100 Percent” Happening

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Published 28.02.20

Netflix’s Love Is Blind concluded on Thursday, February 27th after a series of explosive episodes filled with pods, meltdowns, tenderness and awkward altar moments.

If you want a better picture of what it is all about, here’s a synopsis from Netflix: “In the Netflix series Love is Blind, singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like, have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating where they hope to meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with… Without ever having seen them.


“With no distractions from the outside world, the singles talk to a stream of potential love interests and when a meaningful connection is made, they propose and then lay their eyes on their fiancé for the first time.”

“Engaged and back in the real world, as the couples plan their wedding day, they will quickly discover whether they can turn their emotional connection into a physical one before the fast-approaching ceremony.

“Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, this addictive 10-part series will uncover whether looks or age do matter, or if love really is blind.”


*Now, here’s the spoiler alert about the finale went down.*

What happened in the finale of Love Is Blind?

In the end, two of the seven couples eventually got married, including Barnett and Amber, who despite learning of Amber’s troubled past, said “I do” in front of each other.

The two other relationships that got the most airtime were Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten, separated by 10 years, and the multi-racial couple Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton.


The former ended in tears as Jessica told him she loved him but didn’t want to go through with the whole thing, however, Lauren and Cameron did manage to tie the knot, despite Lauren’s initial reservations about what her black friends and family members (especially her dad) would think.

will there be a love is blind season 2

So, that concluded a pretty addictive series.

But what about Love Is Blind season 2?

Well, the series is currently Netflix’s most popular show,  but there’s been no official word from the platform about whether it’ll be getting second season yet.

However, in an interview with, creator Chris Coelen said he there’s a “100 percent” possibility of future seasons of Love Is Blind.


I want to see a season 2 or a season 12. Don’t you?” Coelen says.

Coelen sees Love Is Blind as an experiment that can be repeated over and over again – and since the pods are still out there, it seems almost guaranteed we’ll be getting a follow-up.

In fact, that might already be a reality.

Viewers noticed that contestant Mark Anthony Cuevas may have already spilled the beans on Instagram when he changed his bio:

love is blind season 2

By indicating that he’s a Season 1 contestant, it seems to suggest there will be more seasons and contestants to follow.

If true though, we won’t be getting it for a while.


The Circle dropped on 1st January – a similar, original, unscripted programme – and there’s been no news on s2 of that.

I guess we’ll just have to sit tight and wait.

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