Love Is Blind’s Amber Pike Causes Backlash By Sharing Pictures From Hunting Trips

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 03.03.20

Amber Pike from Love is Blind has angered fans for posting pictures on her Instagram of her having hunted and killed a deer.

Bear in mind that this picture is from late 2018 and yet people are still very mad with Pike, despite any potential personal growth.


amber pike

I’m not an idiot, I know where food comes from, but I’m still no fan of hunting being someone’s hobby. Killing an animal because you need to – to eat and such – is more understandable, but people shooting wildlife for fun seems pretty gross. It’s hard to see what the intentions of Amber Pike were…

It’s with that, that people are rallying against the Atlanta-native, who appeared on the immensely popular Netflix original dating show.


In the show, people get to know each other as best they can, despite never seeing them. Amber was one of the contestants who actually ended up marrying Matt Barnett, getting engaged to him without knowing what he looked like.

She was a fan-favourite, but this changed when people decided to have a scroll down her Instagram account, finding a post captioned:

FINALLY saw a deer… Which naturally also means I got my first kill! She might not be real big, but she’s not real small either. Victoryyyy!


In the picture, Pike can be seen posing over the dead deer, and a followup post shows he posing with it once more as the corpse lays in the bed of her pickup truck.


Naturally the comments weren’t very happy with Amber’s actions, with them including:

  • Not something to be proud of? Compassion to all animals is far more prestigious.


  • How can a human being find this normal?
  • truly sickening to hurt innocent animals. and i thought i liked you [sic]

With those comments in mind though, there were some sticking up for the Love is Blind star, such as:

Are all you commenters vegetarian? How do you think you get your meat? I live in Scotland and deer I.e (venison) is a popular meat. We are very much a pro hunting/farming country. Easy for you to shame while eating your burger a!!!!! [sic]

Images via Instagram, Netflix