Love Island Has A New Catchphrase Already

AvatarRebekka Arnold in Entertainment, TV
Published 04.06.19
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Love Island was back last night for a new series with a bunch of sexy singles looking for a summer of love!

In the first episode of the series we were treated to lots of twists and turns, jam packed into only a few hours of the new islanders arrival to the villa.  Yes, they hadn’t even slept a wink in their beds yet when the betrayal had begun and the brand new catchphrases started to form, but it is what it is, right?

Ten fresh-faced islanders crash landed into the villa, destroying social lives since 9pm last night. The nation tuned in to see Amy and Anton, Amber and Callum, Joe and Lucie, Yewande and Michael, and Anna and Sherif get together in the first coupling up of the show. We found out a lot about our islanders in a short amount of time.

Yewande is a scientist, Anna told us one hundred times that she’s VERY tall and Anton not only let his eye wander away from Amy within 3 seconds of coupling up, but he announced his mum shaves his bum for him too. Nice.

As we expected, the classic cliches of past Love Island series’ were rife, Anton couldn’t resist getting in that Lucie was “his type on paper”. Elsewhere, the cliche of brooding intensely over a person you’ve known for forty minutes was displayed by air hostess Amy. But a cliche that has been the gift that keeps on giving from Love Island alumni, is the catchphrases mimicked by the entire cast, followed by anybody who watches the show.

In last night’s episode, “it is what it is” became the catchphrase that has taken over the very first chapter of our Love Island series 5 story, and Love Island viewers took to Twitter to acknowledge the phrase.

Viewers are also commenting on how fast fashion brands will be printing t-shirts with ‘it is what it is’ on in no time…

Make sure you tune in tonight to see the plots thicken as two new islanders get thrown into the mix at the last minute. Trouble in paradise? We hope so, catch Love Island on ITV2 at 9pm


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