Love Island’s Francesca Isn’t Happy With ‘Disrespectful’ Curtis As He Rubs Down Maura In Front Of Her

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Published 12.07.19
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A sneak peak from the next episode reveals smug Maura lying on the day bed draped in a towel as Curtis sits on top of her.

Francesca – who made Maura cry when she coupled up with Curtis last night – rants: “I just think, have a bit of respect.

“I did say ‘you could get to know her’, but he’s really getting to know her now.

“It’s right in front of my face. Does he actually know what he’s doing?”

In the short clip, Francesca can be seen looking on as Curtis and Maura’s intimate massage unfolds in front of her.

The ballroom dancer can be seen rubbing his hands all over Maura’s back, much to the obvious annoyance of Francisca.

Enjoying every moment, Maura looked pleased with herself as Curtis flirts: “Now, that’s all your getting…”

Looking over from close by alongside furious Fran, Joanna agrees: “It’s a little bit touchy touchy, feely feely.”

The pair look to go head to head for Curtis as Maura asks him to go to bed with her in tonight’s episode.

Check it out:

This comes after Curtis’ Instagram message to Maura before he entered the villa has been revealed.

Curtis previously stated to Danny Williams he had messaged Maura before the show, saying: ‘Maura, I messaged her on Instagram one time saying she’s really good looking.’

And now that private message has been obtained by The Sun, where Curtis is seen telling Maura: ‘You are stunning…’

Oooh err.

Apparently though, Maura, didn’t reply to Curtis’ advances at the time. A source close to Curtis said:

“Curtis was taken with Maura’s beauty so couldn’t resist sending her a cheeky message.

‘He was embarrassed that she ignored him as he doesn’t often slide into girls’ DMs.

‘He assumed she wasn’t interested. He loved ogling her sexy shots.’

It’ll be interesting to see how this one develops.

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