We were all left a little gutted for bubbly and seemingly unlucky-in-love Demi when Shaughna announced she had ‘feelings’ for Demi’s latest romantic interest, Luke M in last night’s Love Island.


Fans have since accused Shaughna of ‘faking her feelings’ for the happy go-lucky hottie as she had had zilch interest in the Justin Bieber lookalike over the last four weeks.

Both Demi and Shaughna were left single amid the Casa Amor recoupling as their men, Nas and Callum were stolen by new girls Eva and Molly.



Nas and Eva have since left – receiving the least votes by the public in the latest island dumping leaving Demi following her heart with Luke M instead of new boy, Jamie.

Taking to Twitter, many fans have exposed Shaughna’s interest in Luke M as ‘fake’ as it seems she had a change of heart further to the controversial headline challenge where one revealed Shaughna and Luke M should couple up to win the £50,000 cash prize after both suffering heartache in the villa.



Another tweet read: “Shaughna trying it on with Luke M after she saw the headline about them coupling up and getting the 50k”.

With another adding: “It’s no coincidence that Shaughna started to like Luke M after that 50k headline”.


Shaughna has remained one of the most popular girls since the very beginning of the winter series – with many fans praising her for her realness but could things be about to change?

Luke M has also won the hearts of the nation as despite pies from Jess Gale and Natalia Zoppa he has kept his smile and remained a gent throughout.



Things had been looking up for both him and Demi who was dumped by Nas at the Casa Amor recoupling.

They really seem to have a genuine spark and in last night’s episode we saw Demi pull him for a chat to let him know how she was feeling amid fears Shaughna could steal his heart.

Shaughna appeared to somewhat consider Demi’s feelings prior to deciding to pull Luke aside for a chat – but Demi was quick to compare their relationship to a “brother and sister” type scenario.

Shaughna insisted that her feelings for Luke had been developing over a number of weeks saying: “I’ve definitely gone for the guy my mum would want me to go for, finally”.


“Luke is an angel and any girl that ever ends up with him is a very lucky girl”, she added.

She claimed the pair had “always had flirty banter back and forth” but Luke’s reaction to Shaughna’s declarations begged to differ as he said he thought he “was not her type”.


Demi being the ultimate sweetheart gave Shaughna the go-ahead to get to know Luke saying: “You do what you’ve got to do but obviously at the same time I’m still going to get to know Luke”.

“You do you and I’ll do me”, she added.


With just over a week until the series finale latest Love Island odds reveal Luke T and Siannise are the current favourites to win.

The pair have been growing ever closer and gained more love from the public as time has gone on overtaking long-time favourites Finn and Paige who are the villa’s only official couple.

Sorry Shaughna – it may well be too little too late.

But there are still odds on her chances with Luke M – bizarrely.


OddsMonkey spokesman, Peter Watton said: “If Shaughna does hook up with Luke, then watch out as they are both very popular and would be a strong couple going into the final week”.


Whereas Luke T and Siannise hold onto 4/5 odds which is a probability of over 50% with Paige and Finn coming in at 6/4.

What’s your bets?

Do you think Shaughna and Luke M will couple up?

And if they do, is it all a tactics game?


Many viewers predict that ITV2 producers will fix tonight’s recoupling so that Luke M will be forced to pick Shaughna as they want the South London beauty to do well.


With one girl having already left the villa ahead of tonight’s episode, Shaughna, Demi and Casa Amor’s Natalia are the most at risk as they remain single.

Luke M and new boy, Jamie are the only single boys in the villa and tonight is their pick!

Fans are now worried Demi will be blindsided by Shaughna – and that bosses are actively trying to force Luke and her together.

Taking to Twitter one fan wrote: “The producers will probably force Luke to pick Shaughna”.


Another added: “Sorry – I hate this contrived Luke M and Shaughna storyline, ITV seem to be doing all they can do to force a Shaughna win”.

A third said: “Love Island is about to make their WORST series yet, even worse because they are trying to force Luke M and Shaughna on us. Load of s***”.

Images via ITV