A Luxury Hotel In The Maldives Is Hiring An Intern To Care For Its Turtles

Michael BurtonMichael Burton in News, World
Published 06.06.19
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The Coco Palm Dhuni Kholu in The Maldives is hiring an intern to look after its turtle for two weeks. It’s unlikely they’ll be struggling to find applicants.

Whenever we take on interns here at The Hook Headquarters we like to tell them how lucky they are to have such a wonderful job. You get paid to sit around on the internet all day, we tell them, what more could you want?

Weirdly these interns always turn around and yell ‘TURTLES, WE WANT TURTLES‘ and I’m pretty sure they’re not talking about Donatello or Raphael. Kids these days eh. Well, they’re in luck, as Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu have revealed that they need to hire an intern to take care of their turtles.

Whoever lands the two-week long internship will work in the luxury resort’s turtle rescue centre, with all expenses covered. Two weeks on the beach with turtles, it sounds suspiciously like a holiday to be honest. I mean, just look at the place.

It’s not all rock and roll though, the intern will have the arduous task of uploading photos to their Instagram (I bet the WiFi even dips out occasionally), and going to workshops with Dr Claire Petros, a leading specialist turtles veterinary surgeon. It sounds like a horror movie, it really does.

What exactly does one do when caring for turtles? Well, you feed them, clean tanks, attend rescue missions and keep the guests informed of what you’re up to. When you’ve not got turtles on your mind, you’ll be partaking in a sport of dolphin watching and going on snorkelling trips in the stunning Baa Atoll.

The internship isn’t paid, but it does have its perks. Flights and accommodation are covered, and you get three meals per day from the hotel’s Cowrie restaurant, all of which would normally cost you approximately £5,000.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, how do I bag myself this gig? The position is open to anyone, but you must be able to display an interest in the field, and to put yourself forward you need to submit a two to three minute video accompanied by a covering letter on the Coco Collection website from June 17th onwards.

What are you waiting for? Well, other than June 17th to hurry along so that the application window is open…

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