There are certain things that instantly make you feel old: realising that this year’s uni students were born in 2002, the price of Freddo’s, and music you love appearing on classic stations. To add to that list, Macaulay Culkin has sent a shocking tweet.

The actor is forever immortalised in our minds as fresh-faced abandoned child Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, but he’s celebrating a big birthday.


Yes, really. He was 10 when he shot to fame as Kevin, and now he’s 40.

As far as jobs go, it’s a fun one. Fans are not happy to say the least, here are some of the funniest reponses.



He’s also been crowdsourcing ideas for what 40-year-old hobbies he should now take up.


When will 2020 give us a break?

Images via Alamy /20th Century Studios