Machine Gun Kelly Trolls Eminem By Performing His Diss Track In His Hometown

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Published 05.06.19
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Machine Gun Kelly has taken another shot at Eminem, by performing the diss track that Eminem made about him in his own hometown.

Beef between Eminem and MGK started a while back now, supposedly after the latter made provocative comments about the former’s daughter.

Slim Shady then dissed MGK on his Kamikaze track ‘Not Alike’, which lead to MGK responding with his own shots on the Tech N9ne’s song ‘No Reason‘.

That’s when Eminem released ‘Rap Devil’ which many considered the definitive diss track and the perfect – and winning – way to end the beef.

It all went pretty quiet after that, and essentially a year after all of this happened, Machine Gun Kelly’s decided to respond in a pretty disrespectful, and yet brave, move.

During his tour, the 29-year-old took a shot at the veteran rapper while he visited his hometown, Detroit. Eminem has been vocal about his love for Detroit and how he was raised there, so when MGK visited, he knew he could do something to wind him up.

During his live show, MGK performs ‘Rap Devil’, the song that Eminem wrote about him, and even goes so far as to rap:

Somebody help your mans up (help)/Knees weak of old age, the real Slim Shady can’t stand up.

This is a take on the hit 2000 song ‘The Real Slim Shady’.

MGK then posted a video of him performing to the crowd in Detroit on Instagram, with the caption:

never forget. i love u DETROIT

A bold and brash move from Colson Baker, there. Only time will tell how Marshall Mathers responds.

In an Australian show, Eminem simply branded Machine Gun Kelly a “c*cksucker”.

He’ll probably up his game now…

Images via Getty, Instagram