Maltesers, Snickers And Mars Are Recruiting For Paid Chocolate Tasters

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, UK
Published 05.07.19

The holy trinity of the chocolate world are looking for employees. Dream job anyone?

My sweet tooth, or teeth in my case, has been the cause of my undoing on many occasions.

I visited Cadbury World with my parents when I was about 11 and I honestly ate myself into oblivion. I just kept eating and eating and eating the freebies, barely allowing my gut to process the tidal wave of choccy being forced into it.

By the end of the day I was doubled over in bed being violently sick and my parents had to cancel our dinner reservations. They were furious, but would I do it all over again? You’re goddamn right I would.

However, that little anecdote proves that I’m really not cut out to be a chocolate taster as I don’t know my own limits, but if you do, you’re in luck, as Mars, Maltesers and Snickers are looking for professional tasters.

According to the Manchester Evening News, there are eight positions available at the home of Mars Incorporated and the best thing is that experience isn’t necessary, as you just need to consider yourself as having “good taste buds” if you want to apply.

The applicants will be put through a rigorous interview process that will see them having to rate different foods on a scale from 1 to 15 for how sweet, savoury, bitter or salty they are – so clearly you’ve got to have some kind of superhuman level of taste.

In their new roles, the successful chocolate tasters will then asses a wide range of confectionery products, participate in product and sensory related training which will then be applied to the day to day job.

Working hours for the roles are 12 hours, four days a week and the salary is between £9.76 and £ 10.25 an hour. The downside is that the training (how do you train someone to taste things??) is for six months and you’ll have to work in Slough. You can’t have everything.

Speaking to the MEN, Linda Lopez, senior sensory manager at Mars Wrigley, said: “We are thrilled to be recruiting for our next group of Chocolate Tasters.

“We encourage anyone that has an interest in the textures and tastes of chocolate to apply – we’ll train you in the rest!”

The closing date for applications is July 8th and if want to apply you can do so here .

Don’t get me wrong, this sounds like a dream job, but wouldn’t you just get sick of it after a while? There’s a question for the day – how long could you do just eating chocolate, nothing else?

I reckon I could do about a week and then I’d throw in the towel. You?

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