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Man Accidentally Buys 28 Tesla Cars Online, Blames His Toddler


In an unusual incident, a German man accidentally buys 28 Tesla cars online, blames his toddler. The cars were worth 1.4 million euros. The man, identified only as "Mr. T" in the media, claimed that his two-year-old child was playing with his smartphone when he placed the orders on the Tesla website.

The incident has sparked both amusement and outrage, with some calling it a careless mistake while others are skeptical of the man's claims.

According to reports, a German man accidentally buys 28 Tesla cars online, blames his toddler. It is said that Mr. T intended to buy a single Tesla car but accidentally ordered 27 more after hitting the "confirm" button on the website multiple times.

The order was placed on a Sunday, and the man reportedly didn't realize his mistake until he received an email confirmation of the order the following day. He immediately tried to cancel the order but was unable to do so.

The incident has raised questions about the ease of making purchases online and the role of parental supervision in preventing such accidents. Many people have expressed disbelief that a toddler could accidentally purchase so many expensive cars, while others have pointed out that it is not uncommon for young children to play with their parents' smartphones and tablets.

Some have also questioned the man's motives for blaming his child, with some speculating that he may have been trying to avoid responsibility for the mistake. However, Mr. T has denied these claims and insisted that his child was responsible for the mistake.

Tesla has not commented on the incident, but the company's website does have safeguards in place to prevent accidental purchases. For example, customers must enter their billing information and confirm their order before the purchase is completed. However, it appears that Mr. T was able to bypass these safeguards by repeatedly hitting the "confirm" button.

The incident has also sparked debates about the environmental impact of owning so many cars, especially electric cars like Tesla's. Critics have argued that man's actions are a prime example of excessive consumption and that owning so many cars is unnecessary and harmful to the planet.

One interesting aspect of this story is the reaction of the internet community. While many found the situation amusing, others were quick to point out the potential dangers of online shopping, especially when it comes to making large purchases like cars.

Some also questioned whether the man's explanation about his toddler was really believable, speculating that he may have been trying to hide a gambling addiction or other financial troubles.

Others pointed out that the man may have simply clicked the "purchase" button multiple times by mistake, rather than accidentally adding 28 cars to his cart.

Red and blue Tesla cars on road
Red and blue Tesla cars on road

Regardless of the true cause of the mishap, the story raises important questions about the need for better safeguards when it comes to online shopping. While it's certainly convenient to be able to make purchases with just a few clicks, the potential for mistakesis also much greater than when buying items in person.

For example, many e-commerce sites have implemented features like confirmation screens, where customers are asked to review their purchases before finalizing them. Others use tools like CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers and Humans Apart) to prevent bots and automated scripts from making purchases.

Tesla's Return Policy For Accidental Purchases

Tesla, the American electric car manufacturer, has a return policy in place for accidental purchases. This policy allows customers who have made a purchase by mistake to cancel their order and receive a full refund. However, this policy only applies under certain circumstances and is subject to some conditions.

The return policy for accidental purchases varies depending on the product and the region in which it was purchased. Tesla's website states that customers who have accidentally purchased a vehicle, solar product, or energy product can return it for a full refund within three days of delivery.

The policy also states that the product must not have been damaged or modified in any way, and the customer must pay for any transportation costs incurred during the return process.

In the case of the man who accidentally purchased 28 Tesla cars, it is unclear whether he was able to take advantage of Tesla's return policy. The man reportedly blamed his toddler for the accidental purchases, claiming that the child had been playing with his phone.

While Tesla has not commented on this specific case, it is likely that the man would have been able to return the cars and receive a full refund if he had done so within three days of delivery and if the cars were in their original condition.

Tesla's return policy for accidental purchases is designed to protect customers from unintended purchases while also ensuring that the company's products are not abused or used improperly. While the policy is relatively generous, it does have some limitations.

For example, customers who have made an accidental purchase of a used Tesla vehicle may not be eligible for a refund, as used vehicles are sold "as is" and are not covered by Tesla's standard return policy.

In addition to the standard return policy for Tesla, the company has also implemented a process for accidental purchases. If a customer accidentally purchases a Tesla vehicle online, they can cancel the order within three days for a full refund without any cancellation fees. However, if the vehicle has already been delivered, the return policy and process are slightly different.

If the customer has taken delivery of the vehicle, they have seven calendar days to return it for a full refund. During this period, the customer can drive the vehicle for up to 1,000 miles.

If the customer drives the vehicle for more than 1,000 miles, Tesla will deduct $1 per mile from the refund amount. Additionally, if the vehicle has any damage or excessive wear and tear, Tesla may deduct additional amounts from the refund.

In the case of accidental purchases, it is important for customers to contact Tesla as soon as possible to initiate the return process. Tesla may require additional documentation or proof of the accidental purchase, such as an email or order confirmation, before processing the return. Customers should also be prepared to return the vehicle to a Tesla service center or arrange for a pickup by Tesla.

Overall, Tesla's return policy for accidental purchases is a reasonable one that provides customers with a safety net in case of an unintentional purchase. It is important for customers to be aware of the policy's limitations and to act quickly if they do accidentally make a purchase they did not intend to make.

Additionally, it is important for customers to keep their devices secure and to supervise children who may have access to them, to prevent unintended purchases from happening in the first place.

People Also Ask

How Did The Man Accidentally Purchase 28 Tesla Cars?

According to reports, the man's two-year-old toddler was playing with his phone and inadvertently ordered the cars while he was sleeping.

How Much Did the 28 Tesla Cars Cost In Total?

The cars were worth 1.4 million euros, which is approximately $1.7 million USD.

Did The Man Get A Refund For The Accidental Purchase?

It is not clear from the reports whether the man received a refund for the purchase or how he resolved the situation with Tesla.

How Did The News Of The Accidental Purchase Go Viral?

The newsof the man's accidental purchase was first reported by the German news outlet Der Spiegel, and it quickly spread to other media outlets and social media platforms.


The case in which a German man accidentally buys 28 Tesla cars online, and blames his toddler is a cautionary tale about the dangers of making purchases online and the need for greater parental supervision.

While some have questioned the veracity of the man's claims, the incident has raised important questions about the ease of making purchases online and the environmental impact of owning multiple cars.

It remains to be seen what, if any, consequences the man will face for his mistake, but the incident is sure to be remembered as one of the more unusual online shopping mishaps in recent memory.

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