Man Amazingly Catches Phone When Someone Else On The Rollercoaster Drops It

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 06.09.19

This man catching a flying phone as he rides on a rollercoaster is pretty darn impressive.

I’m not a fan of rides. I can’t get on with them. I don’t really understand why, since I love driving fast, but I’m not a good passenger either.

Maybe it’s something about not being in control myself. If I was allowed to drive the rollercoaster instead of just sit in it, then I might be into that, but apparently that’s not allowed.


Along with that, the addition of smartphones to being on our person at any given moment seems to have had away with spontaneity.

spain rollercoaster man catches phone

Gone are the days when someone could jump in a lake with their only worries being that they’ll get their shoes wet, and now having a phone on you is something you have to think about when you’re say, on said rollercoasters.

Is it secure in your pocket? Will it slip and be lost in the aether forever? Maybe it’s not worth getting on the rollercoaster… just have a swipe through Twitter and scroll though Instagram…


Well apparently one person didn’t have those reservations when getting on a ride in Spain, and that was to their detriment as their phone escaped their grasp.

Luckily safe-hands SirSammy15 was there to catch it in what’s pretty remarkable footage…


He seems pretty pleased with himself, doesn’t he?

And so he should do, to be fair. It was a pretty remarkable catch and apparently the people behind him thought so too, the way high-fives were shared onboard the moving rollercoaster…

I was actually worried it would slip out of his hand as he celebrated.

On his YouTube post, the hero wrote:


I caught a strangers phone in mid air on a roller coaster! I was in Spain at Port Aventura on Shambhala ride and saw the person a few rows ahead drop their IPhone X.

Long story short I caught it. This roller coaster is moving at over 130kms…was once Europe’s tallest and fastest coaster.. only recently beaten.”

An iPhone X as well; that’s an expensive bit of kit.

Bloody good catch from what I assume is a bloody good bloke.

Images via YouTube