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Man Arrested After Touching Spanish Reporter Inappropriately During Live TV Broadcast


In an incident that sparked outrage and ignited a nationwide conversation about safety and respect for journalists, a man arrested after touching Spanish reporter inappropriately during live TV broadcast. The incident occurred during a seemingly routine newsreport but quickly escalated into a powerful symbol of the challenges faced by journalists in the field.

Isa Balado, a reporter for the television network Cuatro, was investigating a robbery that occurred in the heart of Madrid on Tuesday (12 September) when a man approached her. Videocaptures him reaching out to touch her behind with one hand before interrupting her to find out which television network she worked for.

Balado attempted to continue her story on the robbery right away, reminding the man she was live on camera. Nacho Abad, the show's host, apologized after interrupting her a little while afterwards. He asked her, "Did he just touch your rear?"

Abad prompted her to place the man in front of the camera after she replied "Yes."He commanded, "Put this idiot on." The man then denied touching her and made an attempt to tickle her head as he turned to leave.

The video of the incident went viral on social media platforms, and the public response was swift and unequivocal. Viewers expressed their outrage and condemnation of the individual's actions, emphasizing the importance of respecting journalists and their personal boundaries while they perform their duties.

Support poured in from various quarters, with fellow journalists, media organizations, and the general public standing in solidarity with the reporter. The incident highlighted the need for greater protection and respect for journalists who often find themselves in the line of fire while reporting on events.

The news channel's owner, Mediaset Espana, released a statement after Ms. Balado went through a "absolutely intolerable situation" saying that it "categorically repudiates any form of harassment or aggression."

The country’s acting equality minister, Irene Montero, wrote on social media:

That until now was ‘normal’ is no longer so. Non-consensual touching is sexual violence and we say enough to impunity.- Irene Montero

In response to the incident, law enforcement authorities swiftly took action. The individual responsible for the inappropriate touching was identified, located, and subsequently arrested. The man arrested after touching Spanish reporter inappropriately during live TV broadcast.

This arrest sent a strong message that such behavior would not be tolerated and would have legal consequences. The legal proceedings that followed raised questions about the consequences of such actions and the need for stricter penalties to deter future misconduct against journalists. The case also led to discussions about the safety measures and training that should be provided to journalists to prevent such incidents.

The incident and its aftermath had a profound impact on journalism and reporting in Spain. It prompted a broader conversation about the challenges faced by journalists in the field, including harassment, threats, and violence. Journalists and media organizations called for greater awareness and measures to protect their safety and dignity while performing their duties.


A man arrested after touching Spanish reporter inappropriately during live TV broadcast. The incident served as a wake-up call for society to address the challenges faced by journalists.

It underscored the importance of respecting the personal boundaries of journalists and ensuring their safety as they carry out their vital role in reporting news to the public. This incident, although distressing, ignited a crucial conversation and paved the way for greater awareness and support for journalists in their pursuit of truth and information dissemination.

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