We’ve all been there, trying to enjoy your meal but an insistent buzz keeps interrupting you or taking aim for your plate. The fly has to go – but hopefully you didn’t blow up your house in the process.

An unfortunate man in his 80s has destroyed part of his house in France while trying to get rid of the irritating insect. He was sat eating his dinner when the buzzing got the better of him.

He reached for his electric racket to swat it, without realising a gas canister in his home was leaking.

Swiping the racket at the fly sparked an explosion at the house in Parcoul-Chenaud, Dordogne. It partly-damaged the roof and blew up his kitchen.

The man only received a burn to his hand, according to local reports from the news outlet Sud-Ouest.

As for the fly? It’s not known whether it survived the blast.

Maybe a rolled-up newspaper would be safer next time.