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Man Dies Four Years After Being Bitten By His Pet Cat


A man dies four years after being bitten by his pet catfrom the flesh-eating disease that got into his blood and killed him. In 2018, Henrik Kriegbaum Plettner of Denmark got a mother cat and her kittens from a shelter.

In August 2018, while he was attempting to move one of the kittens, he was bitten on the index finger. As most people would be with a cat bite, Henrik was initially unconcerned; however, when his finger began to swell, he realized there was cause for concern.

Henrik's finger had grown to twice its size, so he sought medical attention. After a series of appointments, he was taken to the Kolding hospital in Denmark. There, he stayed for a month and had an amazing 15 procedures.

But none of them worked, so Henrik had the finger removed because it no longer functioned normally. However, Henrik's health began to decline after the cat bit directly into a blood vessel.

As Henrik's wound began to heal almost instantly after being bitten, the lethal germs entered his system through a vein and then began to spread throughout his body. So, that man dies four years after being bitten by his pet cat.

His mother disclosed to local media, "He had very fluctuating health. He had a weakened immune system, pneumonia, gout and diabetes. The cat had bitten right into a blood vessel, and when a cat bites and pulls its tooth out, the hole closes and the bacteria spreads."

Henrik passed away in October 2022, four years after the initial cat bite, and Henrik's family has gone public to urge people to take cat bites more seriously.

His wife Desirée said:

We knew that he was doing badly. However, we had no idea that he was so seriously ill. Go to the doctor after a bite, don't think, 'oh, that's just a cat.' Don't take any chances.- Henrik's wife Desirée

In an interview, doctor Dr. Christoph Specht talked about how dangerous a cat bite could be.

A cat bite can become infected and become problematic because of bacteria. These bacteria do not bother the cat in the mouth. They do, if they get on the skin. Some don't do anything to the skin and it only becomes problematic when they get into the blood or into the joints or bones of the person. Nevertheless, a cat bite is like an infected syringe that gets into our tissue.- Dr. Christoph Specht


Is the internet's most beloved and viewed animal hazardous enough to bring death with a bite? We are discussing cats, the animal that rules the internet and millions of people's hearts and minds worldwide.

A man dies four years after being bitten by his pet cat as bacteria that eat flesh got into his bloodstream and killed him.

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