Man Dresses As Spider-Man On His Last Day At Work After Quitting

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Uncategorised
Published 28.01.19
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I’ve always wondered what kind of mad thing I would do at my last day of work.

In my employment history, I’ve been made redundant once but that wasn’t really something I could have planned. It would have looked weird if I turned up for a normal day of work, had a meeting with the boss, was told that I was no longer in their future plans and then left for a brief moment only to come back in the office dressed as David Dickinson or something.

I suppose I could bring a costume to work with me every day on the off-chance that I’m let go but I’ll be honest with you, last time I wasn’t really in the mood to be kooky.

Anyway, one man in São Paulo did plan ahead, and on his last day at work, he came in dressed as Spider-Man for… reasons.

He still fulfilled his usual tasks in his bank job, just as everyone’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. It’s every man’s dream, really.

Things would be very different if he worked front desk.

You’ve got to admire his commitment to the cause.

Listen, I don’t want to perpetuate football rumours or anything, but Jamie Vardy has been wearing Spider-Man gear around the Leicester training ground…

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Tottenham need a striker right now and he’s showing all the hallmarks of a last day. Could it be? I hope not. I’m an Arsenal fan.

Images via YouTube, 9gag

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