A man has found himself in the midst of quite the controversy after he was seen interrupting a vegan protest to snack on some KFC chicken.

The battle between vegans and staunch mean-eaters is heating up, with both sides of the argument having a point, but one being probably more right than the other, albeit far more self-righteous.

The resulting protests are always something to behold, with placard-holders bemoaning the farming of livestock, labelling it cruel and bad for the environment while the meat-eaters hit back with the age-old “yeah but it’s nice.”


Like I say, both sides have their points.

Recently, a protest took place outside Sydney’s Town Hall , conducted by vegan activist group Anonymous for the Voiceless, when they were met by an unexpected visitor; one man and his chicken.

kfc vegan protest

The Facebook event for the group read:


The Cube of Truth is a peaceful static demonstration aimed at revealing the realities of Australian animal agriculture and facilitating engagement with the public through vegan outreach.”

Clearly trying to agitate the protesters, one man was seen standing before them, eating from a box of KFC chicken. He stood eating slowly, while the protesters showed images and footage of the true origin of the animal-products we eat, with brutal slaughterings being showcased among other disgusting images.


Perhaps detracting from their sentiment, all protesters for Cube of Truth are asked to wear black, and encourage to don the V for Vendetta masks that have become synonymous with people thinking they’re edgy and virgins.

The page explains:

The mask has been used by Anonymous, as well as by thousands of others around the world in recent history, as a unifying symbol against the forces that still promote discrimination, corruption, injustice and oppression in any form in our society today.


These aren’t the specific masks, but it’s still them

By wearing the mask, activists are together with the trillions of animals that are unnecessarily exploited and killed every year by the globalised animal-food industries.

I get it – I really do – but I genuinely think the meaning of the mask has been ruined and it now sort of seems like the kind of thing, like, the Tories would use to try and connect with a younger audience in some misjudged advertising campaign.

Either way, the video gained a lot of traction when it was posted on TikTok, with people falling on both sides; some thinking he was being dangerously disrespectful and childish, while others thought it was a laugh.

Probably wasn’t necessary, really…

Images via TikTok