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Man Gains Guinness Book Of World Records With The Longest Name


Man gains Guinness Book of World Records with the longest name - all 2,310 of them. Laurence Gregory Watkins, a man from New Zealand, decided to change his name via Deed Poll on 8 March, 1990 and officially registered his mammoth label with the Department of Justice, leaving him with a whopping 2,310 first names and one family name. This feat earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, and he proudly displays his achievement on his website.

Who Is Laurence Gregory Watkins?

Laurence Watkins, a man from New Zealand, has secured his place in the Guinness World Records with his remarkable and impressive name. The man has a name so long that it spans six pages when written out in full. It consists of 2,310 Christian names and one family name, making it the longest name in the world.

Watkins was born Laurence Gregory Watkins, but on March 8th, 1990, he legally changed his name via Deed Poll to the mammoth label we know today. He has said that he chose Christian names that held personal significance to him and his family, explaining that each name in his record-breaking title has a profound meaning.

Many people have taken an interest in Watkins's name, with several of the names, such as "Cadog," "Hannibal," "Cherry," "Napoleon," "Narcissus," and "Sherlock," becoming fan favorites. Watkins has even adopted the Twitter handle @names2310, where he shares details of his life and experiences with his followers.

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Despite his incredible name, Watkins still goes by Laurence Watkins among his family and friends. He has made it clear on his website that, although he is honored to hold the Guinness World Record for the longest name, he still considers himself to be Laurence Watkins.

The website laurencewatkins.com contains a scanned copy of his birth certificate, along with the Deed Poll document that changed his name. Additionally, the website also features a copy of his full name, which, due to its length, is rarely written out in full.

Watkins has even gone through the trouble of obtaining a verified Twitter account, demonstrating his pride in his unique name. Nevertheless, one can only imagine the challenges Watkins has faced when filling out official documents, as there is likely little space for his complete name.

It is remarkable to see how Watkins's unique name has garnered attention from people worldwide. Some have even speculated on how his name might impact his daily life, such as how he introduces himself to others or how he manages to fit his name on official documents.

Watkins's story is a testament to the many ways people can make their mark in the world. While his name may seem like an oddity, it is a unique and notable feature that sets him apart from everyone else.


In conclusion, Laurence Watkins's story serves as an inspiration to anyone looking to make their mark in the world. It is a reminder that we all have something unique and special to offer, and that we should embrace our individuality. While Watkins's name may be unusual, it is his willingness to embrace it and share his story that has captured the world's attention. His legacy as the person with the world's longest name will undoubtedly live on for years to come, cementing his place in history.

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