Man Gets Awful Confession Tattoo To Win His Wife Back After Cheating On Her

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Published 01.04.19

In a desperate attempt to win a girl back, I once turned up at her house with twelve red roses. It turned out she wasn’t in so I had to give them to her mum. But hey, I never heard from her again.


Like I say, that didn’t work and even if a tattoo would have, I’m not sure I could have gone through with it. If I have a hair on my arm that’s darker then the rest of them, I can see it in the corner of my eye and it bugs me all day. I wouldn’t be able to function with a permanent pen mark on my body – I’d constantly try to scratch it off out of habit.


Jose L. Torres, on the other hand, he’ll get a tattoo to win back the missus and he’ll do it properly.

I say properly… it clearly wouldn’t work, he’s ruined his body, and even if she did take him back, she’d be constantly reminded of what he did (cheat) every time he took his top off, i.e. sex, swimming, showering, living.

Courtesy of Tattoos by Jorge, we have now seen the worst tattoo ever…

Spelling’s good. You’d think I wrote that and Josh proofed it for me.

The tattoo of his own name over his belly button is more offensive. His wife was probably looking for a reason to leave him and then jumped at the opportunity.


It seems somewhat unfair that he would refer to some of the women he slept with as “wh*res”; I’d wager it’s not their fault that he cheated on his wife.

Also, the font? It looks like the menu on a builder’s cafe next to train station , called something like Tower Bridge Easy Eats – 24hr Breakfast!

Specific, I know, but I’m very passionate about using the right font for the right situation. Seriously… the state of it. I could make a better one than that.

What a way to start your new year, from Jose. Maybe his resolution was to be more bold and impulsive?


Only time will tell how his wife would take the new ink. What if he hadn’t actually come forward about what he did to her yet, and this was his way of breaking the bad news..?

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