Man Has Firework Rocket Launched From Between His Bum Cheeks

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Published 05.11.19

There are plenty of idiots in the world and tbh I’m thankful for them because they provide me with a small amount of joy.

This next bloke is no different.

He thought it’d be a good idea to fire a rocket from between his arse cheeks and I imagine he regretted it immediately.


In footage that’s circulating online, a man can be seen lighting a firework held in the other’s bottom.

As the fuse is burning, sparks appear to melt his top, with a friend shouting ‘it’s burned up your back, your t-shirt’s wrecked’.

When the main charge ignites, the man sprints forward and desperately throws his arms back to knock the pyrotechnic away.

Check it out – I struggled to find a decent video so excuse the piss poor voiceover on this vid.


What an idiot.

The video appears to have been filmed in a back garden and other than the fact he appears to be Scottish, little else is known about the man.

It was posted on Twitter by a Swedish-named user who appears unconnected to the stunt.

One viewer said: “He might have had one already, but he deserves another rocket up his backside for doing something so stupid.”

Several Twitter users blasted the man for his behaviour, with one commenting: “Again.. proof as to why women live longer than men.”


Another added: “Probably wouldn’t quite have killed him but could easily have blown a massive chunk of his back off.”

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said: “It doesn’t take a bright spark to know not to toy with fireworks.”

“Historically, around 1,000 people visit A&E for treatment of a firework-related injury in the four weeks around Bonfire Night.

“We recommend families enjoy fireworks at an organised display and follow the Firework Code, which can be found on our website.”

Not a good idea really.