Yet another man has been tragically killed by a rogue gender reveal explosive device.

Christopher Pekny, 28, tragically died at the hands of a gender-reveal explosive.

The father-to-be was assembling an explosive for his child’s gender reveal party in his garage on Sunday when it exploded.

Police said the blast killed Mr Pekny, who lived in the US town of Liberty, New York state. It also injured his brother Michael Pekny, 27, who was taken to Garnet Medical Center in Middletown, New York.

Michael Pekny suffered from leg injuries but is said to be in a stable condition.

‘The freakiest of freak accidents’

Trooper Steven Nevel, a spokesperson with the state police, revealed the “device consisted of some kind of pipe.”

Their oldest brother, Peter Pekny Jr, told the New York Times what happened was “the freakiest of freak accidents that I could ever imagine”.

Cops are working with a bomb disposal unit to investigate the incident.

Police said in a statement: “An investigation revealed that Christopher Pekny, age 28, from the town of Liberty was building a device to be used at a child gender reveal party.

‘This isn’t goodbye’

“The device exploded resulting in the death of Christopher Pekny and injuring his brother Michael Pekny, age 27, also of Liberty”.

“This incident remains under investigation by the New York State Police and the New York State Police Bomb Disposal Unit.”

Friends of Christopher’s took to Facebook express their sadness at his death.

One wrote: “You ARE so loved Chris Pekny …l refuse to say ‘were’ loved…This isn’t goodbye….it’s only until we meet again, my friend,”

Can we please stop doing these now, America?’

Facebook user Michele Madison posted two photos of lit candles on a doorstep of a diner owned by the Pekny family.

She wrote: “Your bar family showed up and lit candles at the Robinhood, we shared some tears and even a few laughs because we knew you would be telling us not to cry but to laugh instead.”

Earlier this month a man from Michigan was killed after a gender reveal went wrong. He was struck by shrapnel from “a small cannon type device” fired during a baby shower.

Officials have also blamed a gender reveal party for starting a wildfire that spread across areas of California. A “smoke-generating pyrotechnic device” sparked the El Dorado fire which spread over 7,000 acres.

One Twitter user wrote: “This needless and tragic squandering of life needs to stop. Nobody needs a gender reveal pipe bomb, or a gender reveal bazooka, or a gender reveal forest fire that takes out half of California. It’s all senseless.”

Another posted: “Can we please stop doing these now, America?”
One said: “When will science come up with a non-fatal way of informing friends and family your baby will have a penis.”
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