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A Man Killed By The Bullet Fired At Him 20 Years Earlier


A man killed by the bullet fired at him 20 years earlier. When did this happen? This happened on September 2, 2022.

One of the most unbelievable and unluckiest anecdotes you will hear is the one about Henry Ziegland, which has been told for more than a century. The Honey Grove, Texas, farmer broke up with his then-girlfriend, Maysie Tichnor, in 1905. Maysie took the newsvery terribly and committed herself.

Maysie's brother, incensed at how Henry had abused his sister, decided to exact some retribution. Before shooting Henry and killing himself, he went down to his house and shot him. The spiteful brother didn't realize it at the time, but his initial shot missed Henry entirely and instead struck a tree behind him.

You can all agree that the succession of events has been rather terrible thus far and Henry, the man killed by the bullet fired at him 20 years earlier. In any case, twenty years later, Henry is out clearing some trees from his property, but one of them is so large that he is unable to move it. As he would normally do, he bored some holes in its trunk and filled it with explosives instead of attempting to axe it down.

The explosion not only destroyed the tree as intended but also moved the bullet that had been lying there for more than two decades. The explosion sent the bullet hurtling through the air, where it tragically killed Henry by striking him in the temple.

A man saluting someone; A hand holding a gun
A man saluting someone; A hand holding a gun

Naturally, the tale reached the local news, with the entire regrettable incident being printed in black and white. Since then, it has been widely disseminated, with news organizations in every corner of the world informing their readers of the tragic tale. But how true is it really?

No one has ever truly come forward to support it, but no one has ever disproved it either. There are a few gaps, though, and they must be filled. The first is that the story was printed again in 1913, which is twelve years after it was said to have happened.

Of course, stories are occasionally retold; this is a classic example; however, the retold version was published with the same names as the original story, as if it had happened the day before. One minor distinction was that this time, Fort Worth was allegedly the location instead of another area of the state.


There is disagreement among people about the incident in which a man killed by the bullet fired at him 20 years earlier, over whether or not they believe that it was a hoax created by some teenagers who got in touch with the local newspaper. Perhaps you'll never know, but one thing is for certain - it's incredibly depressing.

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