Man Leaves Woman Brutal List Of 15 Tips On How To ‘Improve’ After First Date

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, World
Published 10.05.19

The worst first date I’ve ever had was 100% my fault.

I met up with a Tinder match one day after work. I’d had a pretty bad day and she was way out of my league so I was the magic combination of angry and nervous.

What followed was me drinking lots and not saying much, before an awkward goodbye. Awful scenes.


As I say, I was in pretty poor form that day but it does not even come close to comparing with how one guy – let’s call him Mike Dean – waited until three months after a date with the lovely Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford to essentially berate her about her appearance and personality.

It’s utterly bizarre and appalling behaviour as Mike Dean sent Kimberley 15 tips on how to more desirable to him, telling her to lose weight, amongst other vile suggestions.


He tells her to not wear so much makeup and be more natural, whilst telling her to use fake tan and lip fillers. Mike Dean is an idiot.


Just unacceptable behaviour from him there and he has the audacity to tell her that he might be interested in another date if she sorts herself out.

He literally said that he feels embarrassed to be seen with her and also, you can’t see it because it’s been cropped, but he says “Sort your personality out”, after telling her she’s stuck up and shouldn’t drink full-fat Coke.

Bad bloke.


Kimberley shared the screenshots to Facebook with the caption:

Imagine being so far up your own a** you’d send this to a girl 3 months after a date.”

That seems fair.

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