Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Ring Squeezed On A Chicken Tender

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Published 14.01.20

Man proposes to fried chicken-loving girlfriend by ramming engagement ring on a chicken tender

Chicken nuggets and love? I’ll take it.

It’s not uncommon for people to propose to their other half over a romantic meal for two (or so I’ve been told *dramatically wipes away a tear*). Dishing up your better half’s favourite meal in a romantic environment before popping the question is a sure-fire way to score yourself a ‘YES’.


Now, stop imagining a couple in a well-lit restaurant feeding each other oysters, ’cause that’s not quite the proposal aesthetic that matches this particular engagement story.

The unnamed man decided to disguise his proposal with a to-go order of his girlfriend’s favourite fast food dish from her fave fast food joint, Raising Cane’s. The chicken tender meal contained three equally important things; a sizeable portion of chicken tenders (now that’s love), chips and sauce and an engagement ring squeezed round a chicken tender.

And they say romance is dead.


I have to say, though, If I’d have been on the receiving end of this proposal, there’s a slight risk I might’ve swallowed the ring whole in some sort of euphoric fried chicken haze.

The bride-to-be explained her feelings in a Facebook post:

“Raising Cane’s is my favourite place to eat. So one day he got off work early & brought me lunch. I opened up the box & bam, ring on a chicken tender. It was sweet. I felt bad because I knew it was coming because he had answered the phone the day before and put it on speaker and they said it was Zales calling to let him know the ring was ready ready. He told them they had the wrong number even though they called him by name.”


The story was made public after someone shared this screenshot in the Facebook group, That’s It, I’m Proposal Shaming – which does exactly what it says on the tin.


The comments are, quite frankly, killing me. It’s safe to say there are a fair few chicken lovers in this group.

One member wrote:

“I love chicken tenders.. I don’t entirely hate it.😂😂

Another said:

“F**k it, the whole things blown. Heres your chicken nugget proposal”


Another wrote:

“I feel the same way chicken tenders are life😍

Another said:

“Chicken tenders and a proposal. I’m not seeing the downside here? 😂

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Finger lovin’ good. 

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