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Man Refuses Intimacy Due To Wife's Weight Gain, Receives Backlash


A man's insensitive remarks about his wife's appearance have ignited a wave of condemnation from relationship experts and the public alike. The incident unfolded when an anonymous individual reached out to the renowned 'Dear Jane' column in the Daily Mail, seeking advice from acclaimed author Jane Green on his deteriorating intimate relationship with his spouse. In his candid confession, the man refuses intimacy due to wife's weight gainpost-pregnancy, claiming she had "let herself go."

Husband Faces Backlash For Shallow Criticism Of Wife's Appearance

The man revealed:

The awful truth is that I just don't find larger women attractive.- Husband on Wife's Appearance

He nostalgically reminisced about his wife's former slim and athletic physique, lamenting the apparent disappearance of the woman he fell in love with. Consequently, he admitted to regularly making excuses to avoid engaging in sexual activities with her.

Upon encountering this distressing plea, Jane Green responded with an unambiguous admonishment for the man's shallow critique of his wife's postpartum body.

Woman trying to fit into her jeans.
Woman trying to fit into her jeans.

Green expressed her disappointment with the husband's focus on superficial qualities, highlighting the absence of mention regarding his wife's personality, sense of humor, shared interests, or any deeper connection beyond physical appearance.

She emphasized the importance of valuing one's partner for more substantial reasons and not reducing their worth to a mere physical attribute.

Green suggested that the husband's motivations for marrying his wife may have been superficial from the start, implying that he may not have appreciated her beyond her appearance. Additionally, she raised the possibility that his wife's indifference towards her physical appearance could stem from underlying unhappiness.

Green speculated that weight gain might be an unconscious means for her to create distance in the relationship or to cope with emotional distress.

The seasoned agony aunt advised the husband to shift his focus away from his wife's weight gain and instead concentrate on the qualities he initially loved about her on a deeper level. She stressed that his wife might be struggling with her self-image as well. By encouraging him to embrace empathy and understanding, Green aimed to foster a more compassionate approach to the situation.

The man's callous letter garnered strong backlash on social media platforms, with individuals expressing their disdain for his shallow attitude.

What a shallow man! Get rid [of him] and find someone that loves and respects you for who you are sweets. You deserve so much better.- User Comment

Definitely time for him to go.- User Comment

Get rid of that man.- User Comment

The public consensus resoundingly condemned the husband's behavior and echoed sentiments that it was time for him to reassess his priorities and consider the impact of his hurtful words. These comments reflect the widespread dissatisfaction and outrage sparked by the man's shallow perspective.

Final Takeaway

It is clear that this man's disparaging remarks about his wife's physical appearance struck a nerve with readers and experts alike. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of cultivating meaningful connections based on genuine appreciation and respect, rather than fixating solely on superficial attributes. Relationships thrive when individuals embrace each other's intrinsic worth, nurturing love and understanding beyond the external changes that life inevitably brings.

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