Man Texts Woman To Pay Him Back For Drinks After Night Out Because She Didn’t Go Home With Him

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Published 03.06.19
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A woman has been on the receiving end of a pretty shameless request, after a man texted her asking for his money back he spent on buying her a drink.

As a man-child, I could never even begin to imagine how it feels to be a woman on a night out. On the face of it, it looks good because pretty much everyone wants to get off with you and you don’t have to pay for drinks most of the time. But dig deeper and it’s probably got it’s big ol’ cons.

For a start – and I’m not insinuating that every man who buys a woman a drink is a predator and that this can’t (and doesn’t) happen to men – the thought of your drink being spiked is probably a very real threat. Secondly, people constantly trying to dance with you and kiss you and get you back to their place would get quite tedious if you just want to spend time with your friends, I imagine.



I have a cast on at the moment because I decided to climb a lamppost and break my arm and honestly, so many girls at the club I went to on Friday wanted to talk to me about it. Genuinely got annoying eventually. I’ll miss it when it’s gone though.

Anyway, I forgot that there was a point to this article… a woman called Chlo Matthews went to a club on Friday night and, lo and behold, some chancer bought her a drink. She gave him her number and went on her merry way.

That should be the end of that. He maybe could have sent her a nice message the next day – something that I actually tried (and failed miserably with) on Saturday after my night out  – but he didn’t. He sent her a rubbish message. Danny from Atik requested that the student paramedic pay him back for the drinks he got her since she didn’t shag him…

could you transfer me for those drinks I bought you last nite since we didn’t go home togeva wasn’t really worth my time was it lol x

Beautiful. I’m hardly surprised Chlo decided to retire from nights out.

Why did he ask who it was when he was texting? Weird. Anyway, the responses were as you’d expect…

I wonder if she paid him back? I probably would, but I wouldn’t be happy about it. Does Danny from Atik do this often? There was absolutely no shame in his request, like he’s done it before.

The mind boggles.

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