Man Thinks He Travelled To The Year 6000 And Has A Photograph To Prove It

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 04.04.19

You have to wonder what you’d do if you were abducted by aliens, saw Bigfoot, fought Nessie or were sent to the future. You’d know what happened happened, but if you told anyone, they’d think you were utterly insane.

Even if you found a platform with an audience, it’s usually some sort of conspiracy theorist’s YouTube wet dream that no-one takes seriously. You’d have no choice but to keep quiet about it, or at least use what you learned to write a blockbuster film/book (some people genuinely believe that J.K. Rowling was a witch shunned by the magical world, so she turned Harry Potter into stories for muggles).


I’m not sure I’d bother telling anyone. My brother doesn’t even believe me that I didn’t give him my piano keyboard, and I’d argue that that’s very believable… because it’s true. I’m not going to go around telling people that I went to the year 6000 and lost a friend out there.

Not like this guy…

An unnamed man with a blurry face and a distorted voice is the fella behind this bizarre story, and I can already think of three reasons why we shouldn’t believe him.


Speaking to the most reputable of media outlets, the YouTube channel ApexTV, at a secret location – a park bench – he spoke about how he was sent to the future (the year 6000) for reasons unknown by the government.

When there, he learned all of the wonders of the new world, including a cure for cancer and all other illnesses (like that Doctor Who episode), the ability to time-travel as a holiday (like in that Family Guy film) and the technology to shrink humans down to live in tiny cities (like that Matt Damon film).

He also told the sad story about how he left the 90s with a good friend of his, only to leave him in 6000 because he accidentally uploaded his consciousness to a computer where he’s apparently living a better life. Alas, once uploaded, you can’t un-upload… download? It’s only the year 6000, after all. They haven’t thought of that yet.


He’s also got a photograph that he took…

He explains it better…


You know what? I never believed him or anything, but for a moment, I believed that he believed himself. I almost felt sorry for him because he’s clearly insane. Right up until 12 minutes and 33 seconds in, when he goes to shake the second man behind the camera’s hand. The first man, he shook with his right hand, the second with his left…


I have a lot of issues with the story other than that. If you’re going to make up a time-travel story, go for a time that’s interesting. Objectively, the year 6000 is too far away to care about.

If time travel is made available during the 2000s, then why are photographs and body parts still being warped by using technology 4000 years later? Has there been no technological advancement in that time?


It took 4000 years for people to merge with artificial intelligence? That’s happening in the next 1000 years, I reckon.

What did you take the photograph with and where did you get it developed? Boots? Are they still using paper in 6000? Seems fairly archaic.


Like I say, I have minor issues with this.

But you know… it’s sort of fun.

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