Man Tries To Sue Apple For ‘Turning Him Gay’

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Published 04.10.19

A man in Russia is trying to take tech giants Apple to court as he claims that they turned him gay.

Technology, eh? What will they think of next. One day you’re texting 118118 to get the answer to an easily Googled question for a quid, the next you’re being turned gay by your phone.

1969 man walks on the moon. 2019 – 50 years later – man is turned gay by Steve Jobs from beyond the grave. It beggars belief.


Using a third-party app on his iPhone, the man going by the name D. Razumilov says he became “mired in same-sex relationships” after receiving 69 GayCoins, instead of the Bitcoin he attempted to purchase.



After being sent the coins on a cryptocurrency app he downloaded in 2017, he was sent an English message that he alleges read “don’t judge without trying“.


Razumilov wrote in a complaint published by Govorit Moskva on Wednesday:

I thought, indeed, how can I judge something without trying it? And decided to try same-sex relationships.”

A very odd stance for a man apparently close-minded enough to sue on the grounds of homosexuality, but now Razumilov has a boyfriend; something he’s not happy about.

man turned gay by iphone


I can say after the passage of two months that I’m mired in intimacy with a member of my own sex and can’t get out. I have a steady boyfriend and I don’t know how to explain it to my parents. After receiving the aforementioned message, my life has changed for the worse and will never be normal again.

To reiterate, this is all after he was goaded into being gay by Gaycoins.

Razumilov is now asking for $15,000 from Apple after, again, using a third-party app and being in the healthy relationship that he isn’t happy about.

man suing apple for turning him gay


He blames Apple for “pushing [him] towards homosexuality” and said he now has to contend with “moral suffering and harm to mental health.”

To the man’s credit, rather sadly it would be scary to be gay in Russia, even in 2019, but surely he was already gay, right?

Another shame is that Gaycoin is worth an absolute pittance. Less than two pence per coin. Really not worth having.

We’ll see how this one pans out…

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