Just a man chuckin’ a pigeon in a ruckus, you know?

I’ve had the pleasure of never being in a fight as an adult and I’m sure if one erupted, I’d probably get one hit in, think I’m doing alright, and then immediately be beaten up senseless.


With that in mind you’d have thought that I’d keep quiet on a night out, but the second I see a bouncer I just lose it; like Bart Simpson whenever he sees a mascot at Itchy and Scratchy land. This though, was something the likes of which I’ve never seen before…

liverpool street fight throw pigeon

Taking place outside a McDonald’s in Liverpool – because where else? – a very angry man can be seen shouting at people while moving with the swagger of someone who thinks they can fight, before inexplicably kicking someone eating a kebab as his first move.


The kickee is then removed from the equation as another chap moves in, clearly not interested in fighting the angry man, but taking the brunt of his poorly thrown punches nonetheless.

man throws pigeon at attacker

Lou Bega’s Mambo Number 5 plays as the more reasonable man complains that he’s at all involved in the fracas, before soon losing his temper and hitting back.


People can be heard in the background laughing and goading the fighters on, before the more sensible of the two men literally picks up a dead pigeon and throws it at the angry man – missing him – and making everyone laugh in the process.

It’s on of those you need to see it to believe it type of deals because really, I never thought I’d like to see a man chuck a pigeon.


Never. Didn’t even occur to me.

Seriously whose first move in a fight is a kick? That guy didn’t seem to be at all involved either. He was just eating.


I don’t understand.

Liverpool, eh? I had to watch them beat Arsenal on Saturday and now this. Sort it out.

Images via Kwasie Mensah/Facebook