Man Vents As Mum Tries To Split Him And His Girlfriend Up – Because She’s His Stepsister

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, Weird
Published 09.05.19
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Love works in mysterious ways, so who are we to judge? (I mean providing it’s not incestuous obviously).

Having said that, parents don’t always see it that way: they meddle, they think they know what’s best for us and they carelessly overestimate how much of a catch we are to the opposite sex.

The thing is, I don’t doubt they have our best intentions at heart, it’s just they go about it the wrong way.

I say this as one student is feeling the full wrath of his mother and her meddling and decided to share it on Reddit.

He explains that his mum is trying to split him up with his long-term girlfriend – because she’s now also his step-sister – despite the fact they fell in love at 14 and we were eachother before their parents got together.

His mum and her dad, who are both divorced, started dating despite them both desperately pleading with them not to because they thought it was weird.

Which is sort of is.

The man claims everything was fine when their parents were just dating, but says everything changed when they got married and they all moved in together. He even believes they are now trying to split them up.

He writes: “Honestly, I hate being in this situation. Even though I know there is nothing wrong with us, it needles me every time my mom says “go tell your sister x”.

“I think she is doing it on purpose to get under my skin.

Read the full post below:

I feel sorry for these two, there’s literally nothing they could do about the situation.

For the most part, people are sticking up for the couple too:

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Their parents need to stop getting involved and leave them to it.

It’s their doing anyway.

Images via Reddit/Getty

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