Man Wanting A Burger Shoves Climate Change Protesters Out Of His Way

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Published 08.10.19

A man was filmed shoving a climate change protester out of the way as he went to buy a burger.

Climate change protests are taking over the world at the moment, with major cities in Europe being brought to a steady halt by marches and blockades taking place in the roads and on the paths.

There cause is noble, sure, with Extinction Rebellion more or less being the ringleaders of the change in protest tempo, but for some people who are just trying to live their lives while being arguably fairly environmentally friendly, they’re starting to get in their way.


extinction rebellion london

On both sides of the argument it’s understandable; obviously something needs to be done about climate change and how the earth is getting less and less hospitable by the day, but equally, if I’m walking to the shops with my reusable bag, buying responsibly sourced products and trying my hardest to avoid plastic, why am I being punished for something that’s largely out of my hands?

Stop politicians from getting into their parliament buildings or something – only enemies can be made when stopping people living their normal day-today lives; something that’s trying to be prevented in the first place.


With that, the blockades got too much for one man who just wanted a burger. Fair enough, the production of beef is doing the earth no favours, but literally trying to stop him from walking in really won’t get him on your side.

God that guy who tried to stop him looked scared in the end, didn’t he?


The man initially starts shouting at the Extinction Rebellion protesters to move, before pushing his way through the crowd after they don’t relent.

He then shouts at them to “f*cking move”. One man tries to grab his arm and pull him back, before he loses his grip and the burger customer shouts “Do you have a f*cking problem?”

The guy who tried to stop him then turns away, before the man shouts “f*cking hippies!”


Extinction Rebellion have with more than 850 events planned across 60 cities worldwide, so expect more controversy…

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