How’s this for poetic justice?

A man who was filmed screaming racist abuse has been arrested. He claimed he couldn’t be arrested for being racist, but now has been.

James Rhodes was caught on camera screaming racist abuse at Kiauna Larkins.
The victim was in her car with her three-year-old child, as he was heard threatening to ‘blow [her] f******* head off’. He claimed to have an AK-47 in his car.

The woman was at a block of flats in Ohio to deliver food to one of its residents on April 17 at the time of the attack.

Larkins drove around Rhodes’ car. At that point, he got out of the vehicle and started his rampage of abuse.

She had the quick thinking to filmed the verbal attack. In the distressing video, Rhodes can be heard shouting racial slurs at the mother. Some of his abuse included calling her a ‘dumb Black f*cking n***** b***h’.

He also tells her to “get the f*** out of here, I pay $1,000 a  month!… f*** you and anyone who looks like you.”


Various people came over to defend Larkin, but videos also show him start to verbally attack them too.

In Larkins’ video,  Rhodes is heard bragging, proudly calling himself ‘racist’.

He continues to scream abuse and shout at Larkins, and also telling both his victim and onlookers to call the police. He challenged: ‘What they gonna’ do? Arrest me?’ according to Indy 100.

A few days after the event, Rhodes was indeed arrested.

The video filmed by Larkins has since gone viral.


After the footage received widespread criticism, Stow Mayor John Pribonic issued a statement on Tuesday, April 27.
He says there is ‘no place for violence, racism or intolerance’ in the city.

His statement, as per CBS News, says:

“As a Stow resident for over 25 years, it saddens me to think that this incident could in any way define our City for those who are otherwise unfamiliar with Stow.”

He continues: “The community that I know and love absolutely condemns the behaviour displayed on the video, and instead, chooses the principles of kindness, tolerance and inclusivity to guide our daily actions and beliefs.”

“Let me be clear — there is no place for violence, racism or intolerance in the City of Stow.”


In addition, the apartments where the incident took place, Wyndham Ridge Apartments, also released a statement.
They have confirmed that they have issued Rhodes with a notice to leave the premises.

The statement adds that they are ‘committed to creating a safe, secure and inclusive environment at Wyndham Ridge’ . It also confirms they’d be taking further steps to resolve the situation.

Following his arrest, Rhodes reportedly attempted to justify his actions. He claims his anger got the better of him.

His spokesperson also says he doesn’t actually own any weapons, despite having threatened Larkins with using an AK-47.

Police are yet to verify this.

Following the attack and his arrest, Rhodes has been charged with hate crimes of aggravated menacing and ethnic intimidation.

Image via Alamy