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Man, Who Foretold Queen Elizabeth's Death, Now Predicts Death Date Of King Charles


The man, who foretold Queen Elizabeth's death, now predicts death date of King Charles. Elizabeth II, the reigning monarch of England, passed away on September 8 of this year.

The rest of the world was shocked by her untimely death, but not a single Twitter user, who was said to have known for months that she would die soon. The prediction proved true, and the British monarch died on the anticipated day, and the tweet quickly went viral.

The precise date that King Charles III, the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, was born was also shared by the same Twitter user with the handle @logansmith526.

Logan Smith Predictions About The Queen And Prince Charles's Deaths

According to reports, Smith, the man, who foretold Queen Elizabeth's death, now predicts death date of King Charles. He predicted that Queen Elizabeth would pass away on September 8, 2022, in a tweet from back in July. The post has since gained considerable attention on numerous social media channels.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/man-who-foretold-queen-elizabeths-death-now-predicts-death-date-of-king-charles/ by Maxwell Canvas on 2022-09-19T10:53:48.502Z

According to the UK-based Daily Star, the tweet said that the current British monarch's last day would be March 28, 2026. But, unfortunately, his account got suspended.

That hasn't stopped his post's screenshots from becoming popular on social media, though. People on the internet were curious about Logan and how he had such a successful first date.

Screenshot of the tweet of Logan Smith
Screenshot of the tweet of Logan Smith

As soon as the message began receiving a lot of attention on social media, the user made his account private. None of his earlier tweets are currently accessible to users who don't follow him. Screenshots of the anticipated tweet are, however, appearing online.

But, a Tiktok video containing those screenshots became popular. More than 91,000 people liked the little video on TikTok that shares Logan Smith's tweet as they commented on the tweet, with some saying they thought it might actually happen and others saying it wouldn't.

A different user stated:

This is legit. Posted from someone I'm following on gab. In July, LoganSmith tweeted that the Queen dies on Sep 8, 2022, and that Charles dies on Mar 28, 2026. The tweet is archived and Twitter deleted the account.

Who is this @Logan Smith526 person who foretold the Queen's tragic demise, wondered one Twitter user? Another user has forewarned Logan. "R.I.P. Logan I am aware that the British are pursuing him", the user stated.

One more person wrote:

This is true. Posted by a Gab user that I follow. LoganSmith tweeted in July that Charles would pass away on March 28, 2026, and that the Queen would die on September 8, 2022. Twitter removed the account, and the tweet was archived.

However, a fourth person remarked that only a superior creature could foresee such events:

No one can foretell King Charles' death in 2026; only God can control how many individuals pass away each day.

The longest-living heir to the throne is Charles, the eldest of the Queen and Prince Phillip's four children. He is the successor to the throne at the age of 73 and has been since he was three. In addition, he was the first heir apparent to go to his mother's coronation.

After the passing of his mother, King Charles immediately assumed the throne. The oldest of the four children born to the Queen and Prince Philip, the future king, was conceived on November 14, 1948.

Prince Charles signing some papers
Prince Charles signing some papers

His mother, who passed away at the age of 96, was thought to have been closer to him than ever during her final months. The public was informed of The Queen's passing in an official announcement at 6:30 p.m. on September 8 in a statement that read, "The Queen passed away peacefully this afternoon at Balmoral."

The late Queen was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey on September 19 at 11 a.m. Prior to that, her body was in that state for four days in Westminster Hall starting on Thursday, September 15, despite warnings that mourners may have to wait up to 30 hours to pay their respects.

People Also Ask

Who Posted The Tweet About The Queen's Death?

Logan Smith, a Twitter user with the handle @logansmith526, posted a tweet about Queen's death.

What Was Logan Smith's Tweet About?

His tweet was about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles's death prediction. The prediction about the Queen's death on September 8 proved correct.

Did Twitter Delete Logan Smith's Tweet?

Yes, Twitter deleted the post and suspended Logan Smith's account.


The man, who foretold Queen Elizabeth's death, now predicts the death date of King Charles. His name was Logan Smith. The tabloid claims that the account has been made private and that only "authorized followers" can access its tweets.

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