Halloween is over, that can only mean one thing… Christmas is coming!

It seems we’re all eager for the festive spirit to kick in already, as the Christmas anthem has gone back into the charts.

Naysayers will moan that Christmas shouldn’t start until mid-December (or the 1st at the very earliest) but there’s no room for such negativity at the moment.

Christmas adverts have started appearing on TV too with the #WheresKevin trending on twitter thanks to Aldi’s carrot mascot.

Now that November 1st have arrived, we’re all streaming Mariah as ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ has re-entered the Top 100 on US iTunes Songs chart.

It’s a timeless classic, released more than 25 years ago. Many were surprised to discover it never actually went to number 1 in the US until 2019.

Mariah celebrated at the time with a tweet.

It didn’t hit the top spot when it was originally released as it wasn’t a single.

Mariah released Merry Christmas (Deluxe Anniversary Edition) to celebrate the song turning 25 and it helped her reach the number one slot.

The song regularly breaks records, in 2018 it was streamed more than 11 million times on Christmas Eve alone.

It’s gone on to be 6x platinum.

Are you playing it or think it’s strictly for December only?


Image via Alamy