Mario Kart Is Coming To Android And iOS On September 25th

Sophie WatsonSophie Watson in Entertainment, Gaming
Published 27.08.19

Nintendo have finally announced the Mario and co. will be available on mobile next month, despite the delay in release of the Mario Kart Tour.

I thought there was nothing better than beating your family to a game of Mario Kart in the living room, but doing it on the bus? Nah, that is really going to change the dynamic of my house hold. 

The new game was meant to be available in March earlier this year, however Nintendo decided to delay its release date to finish a few final touches.

Though we may have waited a few months longer than we should, all is now forgiven as the game is set to be released on 25th September. Yes that’s right, it’s less than a month away until we get to play Mario Kart on the go.


I still can’t decide who my favourite character is, they’re all quite adorable – though Mario does take up a big space in my heart.

Mario Kart lovers are already excited to get the game on  their smart phones, with one Twitter user writing: “I NEED ITTTT NOW.”

Another commented: “I’M READY TO WIN!”


Others speculated over what characters will be featured in the game – as Mario, Luigi, Browser, Yoshi, Toad and Peach can be seen in the promotional image – but some people are asking Nintendo to add Pauline, who has been in games throughout the year including 2017’s Super Mario Odyssey.

Yes! Please add Pauline.

In what seems like more important news, people are commenting on the size of Bowsers jaw as one Twitter user commented: “Bowser has expanded his jaw, now he can chomp everyone in his way.”

Another said: “I like how Bowsers mouth is just almost the entirety of his face.”


To be honest, I didn’t even notice. But then again I haven’t played Mario Kart since my younger sister fell out with me for being ‘too good’ at the game.

In fairness, if I wasn’t better than a nine-year-old at Mario Kart I’d be a bit concerned. She’s still sulking in her room somewhere.

An Nintendo Instagram page @nintendomag wrote a post announcing that the game will be available on smartphones, and people were overjoyed to say the least.

One person wrote: “So hyped to play Mario Kart on my iPhone. I wonder if they will add retro tracks…”

Another commented: “Very exciting !!!!!”

When is Mario Kart on mobile?

September 25th! And according to Engadget, the game is free to start but the option is there for you to spend money to unlock features – and also characters. I guess I’d better save some of my pocket money.

The race courses in the game are inspired by iconic real-life locations, which apparently rotate every two weeks.


If you’re reading this and you’re a die hard Mario Kart fan, why not head over to the Mario Kart Tour website? Here you can pre-register for both Android and iOS. By doing this you’ll get notified when the game is ready to download. But if you’re that much of a fan, I imagine you’ll be counting down the seconds.

I don’t blame you, this is extremely exciting news. 

Images via Nintendo