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MarlingYoga - A Swedish Yoga Teacher Offers Fitness Yoga To Live A Better Life


Malin, a Swedish yoga instructor since 2007, is the founder of MarlingYoga. While living in New York in 2016, she grew weary of yoga's emphasis on fitness. On a beach in Malibu, she had thought that she should do something about it rather than whine. The result is MarlingYoga.

She was born in 1981. She has always been a restless, daydreaming, and searching person. According to Mali, you must begin by doing something simple every day, no matter what, if you want to alter your life.

MarlingYoga goal is to establish a community where all grow to be happier, more loving, and healthier individuals. So, she offers different programs on her website and Youtube channel.

On her website MarlingYoga.com, she says:

I was living in Switzerland and started practicing Hatha yoga with a bunch of housewives. When I returned to Sweden in the fall of 2007 I found Ashtanga yoga and got totally hooked.

I loved how it took me into meditation through the repeated series and the flow of the classes. For people with ADHD and anxiety, I highly recommend Ashtanga yoga as an introduction since being still is very challenging. It still can be for me and I spent many years on the mat.

My goalis not to be the most flexible, vegan, and acrobatic person you will meet but to integrate the yoga philosophy, breathing, and movement to improve all aspects of life and help you to find ways of doing the same.

In 2015 I did a lot of yoga in New York City and figured that much of the philosophy was lost, that the focus was to get a nice ass and tight body. Any reason to get into practicing yoga is good but it's so much more to it than keeping in shape so I decided to do something about that.

In 2016 I started the 365 days of yoga challenge on YouTube to make yoga accessible for everyone and to see what as little as 20 minutes would do for the quality of my life and others.

It changed everything. I realized that it’s very possible to build beautiful relationships online, I realized that you can reach a huge audience by being authentic and open about who you are and not by showing the world what you wish you were.

People Also Ask

Is MarlingYoga On Youtube?

Yes, MarlingYogais on Youtube.

What Does You Tube Marling Yoga Offer?

On Youtube, MarlingYoga offers beginner's yoga of 15 minutes per day, one day at a time. You should practice Yoga. The daily practice of gratitude, healing, yoga, and meditation can completely transform your life.

What Program Does MarlingYoga Offer?

MarlingYoga offers a 12-step Yoga program. Through this, she teaches others how to use their breath and various physical exercises to achieve a better lifestyle.


On Youtube, MarlingYoga posts a brief session that lasts for 15 minutes and includes meditation, breathing exercises, and various yoga positions known as asanas. The essence of yoga, in her opinion, is daily contact with oneself. MarlingYoga youtube channel currently has over 186K subscribers and a total of 103 million views.

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