Marvel Are Looking To ‘Cast Their First Ever Openly Gay Superhero’

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 07.03.19
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Can you believe it’s been this long?

A while ago ripples were caused in the comic book universe when it was revealed that Iceman, from X-Men, was gay. This was a huge step forward in terms of breaking down barriers but the film’s lagged behind.

The comic books have usually been more inclusive than their film counterparts as, even in the DC comics, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy had a lesbian relationship.

But now it looks like the Marvel films will be going part of the way to bridge the gap, looking to cast their first ever openly gay lead.

The upcoming 2020 film The Eternals was a bit of a shock when it was announced, since not many people knew anything about it, but that’s pretty much the same way everyone felt before Guardians of the Galaxy was released.

The story follows a group of genetic experiments on humans from millions of years ago who were intended to be the defenders of Earth. They were created by the celestials (who got a shout out in Guardians of the Galaxy) but conversely, the Deviants were also created.

The Eternals and the Deviants have essentially battled it out ever since creation.

But here’s the kicker; one of these Eternals is gay, and Marvel are looking for someone to play him.

The studio is said to be searching for an actor who “physically looks like a superhero” between the ages of 30 and 49. 49 seems old to me. Also, regarding the “physically looks like a superhero”, Marvel pretty much committed themselves to Chris Pratt before he lost all of the weight, so I’m sure that’s a not a requirement completely set in stone.

No preference over ethnicity has been stated but apparently Marvel would rather hire a gay actor for the role.

The identity of this particular eternal has been kept a secret thus far, but a lot of speculation is surrounding the film, with many people suspecting that this will be the film that introduces mutants to the MCU.

Chloe Zhao is the director connected to the film but so far, that’s just about all we know.

We’ll keep you updated.

Images via Marvel